When did blogging begin? Earlier than you think! Like it? Well don’t be shy: Tweet or Facebook it, or Google+ it If you aren’t already on the ‘Friday cartoon list’ then here’s a link to make sure you don’t miss a fun cartoon P.S. Also winners for the Bat Cartoon Contest. And the winner is: […]


There are writers. And there are writers. But you see I was a cartoonist. It was way back in the year 1988 I was drawing cartoon strips for a very popular newspaper called ‘Mid-Day’. And every day, I’d draw a new strip, and submit it to the newspaper. And since it was back in the […]


When we’re about to start a project, we sit down and we plan. We plan about the resources we have, the time needed for implementation, and yada, yada. What we don’t plan for is someone to watch over us. So who is this someone who watches over us? Is it someone who’s technically qualified? Is […]


When you complete an article, you always have one of two reactions. You think it rocks. Or you think it sucks. And you may be wrong on both fronts. You may think your article rocks, when in fact it sucks. And vice versa. So how do you know if your article works? You would think […]


Every day at a certain point in my day my brain is exhausted. And this tiredness has nothing to do with writing. It’s rather got something to do with walking. And listening. And yes, let me explain. Every day I take a brisk walk for about an hour. And I almost always have my iPod […]