Why “Failure” Is Just A Pre-Sell For Success

pre-sell success

Think of a band that has released 18 number one albums, 18 number one singles and has sold between 150 million-300 million albums and are now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

A band called “Queen”.

A band that only gained international success with their third album. Third? Whatever happened to the first and second? Well, they were moderate successes in the UK market, but it’s the third album, “Sheer Heart Attack” that got them the success they enjoy to this day.

So what were album one and album two about?

Yes, pre-sell. Especially when you’re starting out, things don’t quite move as quickly as you expect. When we first announced a copywriting workshop back in 2008, we got two takers. In 2009, we got four.

Now every time we do a copywriting course, it’s filled to the brim. And this is the great lesson of pre-sell.

We’re so seduced by the concept that things will work out for us the first time around, that we fail to understand that whatever we’re doing right now, becomes the pre-sell for the future.

Every article you write is a pre-sell that will cause a client to act sometime in the future

Every video, every audio, every brochure, everything you do is a pre-sell for the future. Every time you mention a course (like I just did above with the copywriting course) that’s a pre-sell for the course.

Whether the pre-sell is embedded (as the copywriting example) or overt (where you specifically tell your clients to check out a page), it all counts as pre-sell.

This pre-sell never really stops and is just as critical when you’re established, as it is when you’re just starting out.

The main point of pre-sell is that it’s unending

When one event finishes, it’s time to start the rollout for that very event once more. Pre-sell is about the announcement and then the steps that follow. But pre-sell is also about products or services that may appear to be a “failure” at the time.

But what if I don’t fill up every seat or sell much product? Won’t clients think I’m useless?

Actually no one knows. And no one cares. Did you know about the copywriting fiasco of 2008? How about 2009? If you knew, would you care?

But what if you were a client on the course? Would you care that there were 4 or 4000? You’d probably care more if there were 4000 because that would mean you get no attention at all. As a participant, you’d want fewer numbers so you can get the attention you need.

And what about products? Well, would anyone know if you sold many or few?

Yes you would know

And it would hurt. And I’m betting it hurt the rock group, Queen as well. It’s terrible to be watching as everyone apparently moves ahead of you, while you have little to show for your effort.

But it just looks like little.

The testimonials you get from those four participants will be so good that they will propel you ahead. You’ll learn a fair bit from your mistakes and when the next launch comes along, you’ll be better off.

A failure is just a pre-sell to success

Keep at it.

Focus on Album 3.

Album 1 and 2 are just the warm hop.

The Rock and Roll Hall of fame awaits you!  wink

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Pre-Sell Free Bonus: Why Sales Pages Aren’t The Answer To Selling

The worst way to sell a product is to just create a sales page.

Really? Yes, really.

Most marketers will tell you that all you really need is a sales
page. And they’ll also tell you that you need some amazing
copywriting. And while all that is technically true, what they’ll
fail to tell you is that no one can find the sales page in the
first place.

What matters in a product or service launch is pre-sell

And not the creepy, slimy intense selling that you see from all
those so-called Internet gurus. That’s probably the kind of method
that creeps you out the most.

Interestingly, it’s also the kind of method that we feel most
helpless with, and feel compelled to buy. Then we realise we could
never be creepy and slimy and so we’re confused what to do next, if
we do anything at all.

Pre-sell doesn’t need to be slimy.

Nor creepy for that matter.
You don’t have to hide prices.
You don’t have to have millions of affiliates. Or any joint
You don’t have to promise your clients that they can work in their

Pre-sell, when done right, enables you to feel content with what
you’re doing

To feel calm, relaxed and proactive. And yet, it brings awesome
results. How awesome? I’d say it works even better than those creepy

Presenting the Free Pre-Sell Goodies

Goodie 1:  46 Pages of the Pre-Sell Course
Most excerpts are measly at about 8-9 pages. This one is generous,
covering whole chapters in precise detail. And no matter what your
business, you’re likely to find that pre-sell (this system of
pre-sell) works for you.

Goodie 2: Audio and Transcript on Pre-Sell
Listen to this audio on how to quickly and effectively engineer
your pre-sell.

Yes, it’s free. Yes, it’s packed (not overpacked)
with great information.

Just head to this page below and fill in the short form to get your
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Warm regards,

P.S. Here’s what Alan Philips has to say

Sean I’m learning lots from your “The Art of Pre-Sell” ebook/course
and I’m only a third of the way through. I REALLY didn’t expect it
to be so informative with such workable ways for me to improve my
exposure of my new book I’m almost ready to start marketing.

The way you use announcements, snippets and samples to communicate
with people is such a great idea, I wish I’d thought of it.

I really can’t put my finger on my favourite section of your Art of
Pre-Sell because there are so many sections of content I really
connect with.

Anyway Sean, I could go on about your product – BUT – I think its
better I say that please include me in any further products like
your Art of Pre-Sell as I will buy from you again.



Free! A Massive 46-Page Excerpt of the Pre-sell Course


In a small-business owner’s life, there’s a fence.

And one side of the fence is about hype, heavy-handedness, push and
shove. The other side is about low-key, low-pressure and

And even with this low-key method, you’re able to sell your product
or service
But what’s important isn’t just that you can can sell, but that you
outdo the methods used by high-stress and hype. That you can
completely do away with the pushing and jostling to get the
customer’s attention.

Presenting: 46 Pages of the Pre-Sell Course

Most excerpts are measly at about 8-9 pages. This one is generous,
covering whole chapters in precise detail. And no matter what your
business, you’re likely to find that pre-sell (this system of
pre-sell) works for you.

In fact, it’s more than likely that you’ll find this is the system
that you’ve been waiting for, for a long time.

It’s got three core elements of Psychotactics products:
1) It’s systematic. No leaving gaps that you’re expected to work
2) It’s scalable. It works even if you have a client list of
three–or thirty million.
3) It doesn’t tie you down to “one fits all approach”: There are
lots of options, each broken down into multiple approaches,
depending on your preferences, business, project or time frame.

What you’ll expect to learn–even within these 46 pages:

1) Why you’re shortchanging the customer (and yourself) by not
having an appropriate time-frame.
2) How to keep 95% of the entire sales process extremely low-key
(and not be salesy 100% of the time).
3) The critical importance of announcements, snippets and samples.
4) Do samples work? Yes, they do, but the facts will astound you!
5) How you can start up a sales campaign (and sustain it) even
without a product or service in place.
6) Why even the biggest movie studios, software companies etc.
follow a similar system — and why it’s even more important when
you have fewer resources and a tiny budget.

Ok, time to read:
Just head to this page below and fill in the short form to get your
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Warm regards from a seemingly unending Kiwi summer,
P.S. Coming Next week: A teleclass on pre-sell as well. And it
will cover a whole lot more–in audio of course. There are goodies
coming all along the way, so get them now while they’re still fresh
from the oven!

How Pre-sell Helped Reduce Frustration by 75%

Do you know what’s the biggest problem with sales of
any kind, whether offline or online, product or service?

It’s the fact that the customer is not ready to buy when you’re ready to sell. So there you are with your wonderfully crafted product or service, and while a lot of folks have promised to buy it, those sales aren’t happening right this moment.

So you have to do what we did at the start
We had to keep promoting the product for weeks (actually, months on end) to get traction. And when it came to live events like workshops or online courses, it was even more critical that everyone bought by a specific date. Of course, if you’re terribly persistent, things happen.

But all this persistence drains you
And anyway we never wanted to have those rotten squeeze pages. We didn’t care one whit for joint ventures (even when offered). Affiliate systems are nice, but again, not quite our cup of tea. So we had to find a system that would meet our goals and reduce frustration dramatically.

Even so, the first time we ran the pre-sell strategy we were surprised!
Most products or events took a bit of time to fill. So we sent out our email, put the sales page up and went out for a coffee. An hour later, this $2500 course was already oversubscribed. And while that’s nice, we thought it was a fluke.

So we tried it again and again
We tried it several times in 2010, then in 2011, then in 2012. Yup, 2013 and 2014. And we even got some of our closest clients to try it on other products e.g. a company selling tea. Without fail, it reduced the frustration and sold the product/service.

If you want to say goodbye to the frustration you will find the pre-sell (pricey as it is) is well worth the price—and then some.

But check it out for yourself at:


Warm regards,
P.S. The prices go up by 50% tomorrow.
Seeing that it’s not a cheap book already, that’s a steep rise. So pre-purchase your copy before Feb 16th, 2014. And yes, there’s our smiley refund guarantee if you don’t find it to your liking. So go have a look.

Announcing: The Pre-Sell of the Pre-Sell Book (Available at an early bird price!)

Why Pre-Sell Book: Psychotactics
It’s here!

The pre-sell of the the pre-sell book.

What’s that supposed to mean?
Well, the book isn’t ready yet. It’s work in progress. There are pages to be written, cartoons to be drawn, audio to be recorded and tons of little things to be finished before the book is available.

But until 15th Feb, 2014 you can get it at an Early-Bird Price
I know, I know. A book that costs over $200 hardly sounds like an early bird offer. But believe me, it is. For one, the book isn’t padded like other courses. You could go out there and get several “formula launch courses” for $2500 or more. And frankly it’s hard to apply those formulas because they depend so heavily on numbers.

At Psychotactics, we’ve gone the opposite path 
We’e always tried to operate like it was 2002, and we’ve just started our business. When we sell products, services or courses, we rarely go out to large numbers. In fact, most of our courses/services are filled up with an audience of fewer than 400 customers–sometimes less.

We don’t have any affiliate program, no advertising campaign…
No Google adwords; no social media presence to speak of; no joint ventures blasting our products/services to everyone in sight. And yet, we’ve thrived over the years simply by putting out great products/courses and services. And doing so with small audiences.

You’re probably small too
Your audience may not be much to boast about. Yes there’s a ton of blah-blah about how to get 20,000 fans and increase your subscriber list by 432%. And yet, you know deep down in your heart, that isn’t going to happen in a hurry.

Pre-sell helps your clients know about your products/services a lot 
in advance
And it helps them decide based not on this relentless joint-venture-formula-blast, but through a slow, organic method that works. There’s no fluff here, no soul-selling craziness. And yet, make no mistake, the products/services fly off the shelf when offered.

We’ve learned a lot of stuff over the years.
We’ve done a lot.
Nothing has been as magical as pre-sell.

Nothing.It’s saved us time, made us a small fortune, allowed us to take 3 month-vacations every year. And most, if not all, the aggravation of wondering and waiting is minimised.

So how do you buy into the magic?
You can pre-purchase it today before the price goes up.
This price is valid until 15th Feb 2014 (yup, that’s next weekend).

Judge for yourself:

Warm regards,
P.S. The premium bonus is a product in itself. You’ll be able to create a “mini-sales page” that works and takes away a ton of aggravation. You’ll learn how to put together a template quickly and effectively (which really is a big boon, considering all the work that has to be done when launching just about anything).

P.P.S. If you’re wondering, the price will go up by $100 next 
weekend–and then keep climbing. So this week is a bit of a bargain.

Why Marketing In 2014 is like being in 1920

In 1920, marketing was a chore.
People were separated by vast distances. To get any sort of message
across was a royal pain.

And this is what 2014 looks like as well.
There’s Facebook, Twitter, Glitter, Mitter and a million methods
that are distracting you–and your customer. And with every month
that passes, the distraction gets even greater.

Marketers, of course, will tell you a different story
They’ll tell you that you can get 10,000 Facebook fans overnight.
They’ll tell you that their list is growing by 500 customers a day.
They’ll give you these wonderful, overnight success stories.

So you’ll buy the “magic trick” and hope that it works for you,
and invariably the market takes over. The distraction kicks in,
and it’s harder than ever to get newer customers (let alone
get customers to listen to you).

So what’s the solution?
The solution has been staring all of us in the face for the longest
time. You never needed (or will need) 10,000 Facebook fans. Yes,
it’s very nice to get 500 customers a day, but hey, let’s be

What you’ve know all along is that you can indeed get all
the revenue you need from fewer customers.

But fewer customers come with their own caveat
The fewer the customers, the more you’ll have to make sure they’re
paying attention. And that’s why you need to drip feed them
information over weeks, possibly months. It’s a patience-based
system, this concept of pre-selling.

And yet, pre-sell works pretty solidly. With pre-sell, you are able
to systematically get the few customers to buy your products and
services consistently. This ensures you have a lot less stress, a
very solid income and aren’t spending all your time doing yet
another joint venture, affiliate program or crazy ad campaign.

Best of all, pre-sell enables you to test the validity of your
product or service (yes, even a service) long before you spend all
that time and effort creating it. If you do it right (and there’s
no reason not to), you get a small stampede that keeps you more
than satisfied–even with just a small group of customers.

1920 was indeed a chore.
And 2014, will be a pain too.
Or not.

Have a look: http://www.psychotactics.com/presell

1) This is a pre-sell page. There is no “buy-now button”.
2) The buy-now button will be put in place on Sat 8, at 3 pm
(Eastern US).
3) Yup, all the details are on the page. Have a look.


When To Use “Experience-Based Testimonials” And When To Use “Objection-Based Testimonials”

When To Use "Experience-Based Testimonials" And When To Use "Objection-Based Testimonials"

Imagine you’re trying to open a tomato can.

And you use a hammer.

Excessive, right?

Well, the same concept plays out with testimonials. Just because you have the grrrrrreatest testimonials in the world, doesn’t mean you hammer away at your audience. Knowing when to use the right testimonial not only creates greater impact when selling a product or service, but also respects the intelligence of the audience.

But hey, for us to know where to put each type of testimonial, we have to know what those specific testimonial are in the first place.

So what is the difference between an “experience-based testimonial” and an “objection-based testimonial”?

The “experience-based testimonial” is a testimonial that is rich in detail. When you ask not one, but 10, 12, maybe even 17 questions to your clients. And what you end up is a massive testimonial that spans 800-1200 words.

It’s no longer just a line or a paragraph testimonial. Instead this testimonial reads like a chapter in a book. It’s detailed and yes, just what prospects want to read to get a feeling for the experience. It’s long, detailed and diverse because it covers the entire experience of a product or service.

The “objection-based testimonial” on the other hand isn’t terribly long or diverse.

When buying a product or service, a prospect (and even an existing client) will have objections. There will be more important objections (the ones that show up consistently) and less important objections (the ones that show up less frequently, but still show up). And your job is to get the testimonial so that it defuses the objection.

So for instance, if the biggest objection is the price of the product or service, you’ll need to have at least 3-4 testimonials talking specifically about the price of your product or service, and how it seems high, but in reality how it’s amazing value for money.

So the “objection-based testimonial” really takes on a single objection, while the “experience-based testimonial” takes on the entire experience.  Once we’ve got these sets of testimonials, however, we have to find the right place to put them, don’t we?

And the “objection-based testimonial” will mostly show up on your sales page

It shows up at the precise spot where you suspect the prospect or customer may object. For example, let’s say you’re treating someone with acupuncture. And on your sales page you’re recommending an eight week consultation instead of just a week’s worth of treatment. At that point you have a precise problem or objection to defuse.

So it’s at this point you use the “objection-based testimonial”, because you’re defusing that specific objection.

And so, you find areas around the sales page where your customer is likely to object and go about defusing those objections with “objection-based testimonials”. Kinda like finding a mine, and defusing it one at a time.

The “experience-based testimonial” is like blowing up the whole mine field together

Your customer’s objections will have been defused, but they’re still unsure. They wonder about this and wonder about that. And that’s when you have to bring the entire “experience-based testimonial” onto the page.

This can be done with text, audio or even video. And in that “experience-based testimonial” the client covers a ton of things that make the testimonial rich, just like an experience would be.

This “experience-based testimonial” can be placed anywhere on the sales page, because really, there’s no rule. On some pages you want to wait until after you’ve defused at least a couple of the biggest objections with the “objection-based testimonial”. On some pages you may go right in with the “experience-based testimonial” from the very start.

And the “experience-based testimonial” doesn’t have to stop on the sales page

An even better place to drive home the impact of the “experience-based testimonial” is to format the testimonials in a PDF and let your client download the PDF.

If formatted even marginally well, your client will read, skim, read, skim, but get the idea of how impactful your product or service really is—and then be far more persuaded to buy from you and no one else.

But is it critical to have both types of testimonials on a page?

It is indeed critical to have the “objection-based testimonial” on a sales page. The “experience-based testimonial” on the other hand is very important, but if you had just a choice of one, I’d go for the “objection-based testimonial” because it’s specific and in most cases, will do the job extremely effectively.

Ok ready to go? Let’s summarise…

1) The “objection-based testimonial” is specific. It tackles the main objections of the prospect and is critical on a sales page.

2) The “experience-based testimonial” is more far-reaching and very powerful. However, if you don’t have an “experience-based testimonial” don’t go crazy yet. In time you can get these detailed testimonials and they will make a better case for your product or service.

So make sure you get your testimonials in the right place

And keep that hammer for hitting nails.

No use trying to open a tomato can with it, is it?


This is a “objection-based testimonial” example
The big objection here was that people felt they were already speaking and may not need this book. This objection needed to be tackled as not many people tend to speak often. Well, not many small business owners, anyway. The ones that do would have read many presentation books before. To distinguish our method from the rest, we needed to do a spot-objection.

See the objections on the right hand column

Here are some “experience-based testimonial” examples
On video for the Cartooning Course: http://psychotactics.com/davinci

The “experience-based testimonial” is located all over the page as you scroll: http://psychotactics.com/davinci

And in PDF for the Article Writing Course: http://www.5000bc.com/pdf/protege/Prospectus_Article_Writing.pdf

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4) Article Writing: How To Speed Up Article Writing With Simple Outlines
5) Visual Basics: How Visuals Help Increase Sales Conversion On Your Website
6) Design Clarity: How to put sanity into your design with some really simple tweaks
7) Chaos Planning: How ‘Irregular’ Folks Get Things Done

1) Black Belt Presentation Series: How to completely control the room—without turning anyone off?
2) New! Online Membership Sites: How To Build A Powerful, Community-Driven Membership Website



The Importance of Time In Pre-Selling

The Importance of Time In Pre-Selling

I remember Sydney, Australia

I was probably ten years old and my father had all of these travel brochures. But of all the places on the planet, I loved the picture of the Sydney Opera House. I remember the pink, purple skies offsetting the pale white of the Opera House. And nineteen years later I stepped into Sydney. Guess where I was headed first?

Time is the core element of pre-selling

There are many elements to pre-selling—and let’s not forget that pre-selling is ‘sales’ at the very core. The biggest difference between pre-sell and ‘buy now’ is the luxury of time. The more time you have on your side, the more you can ramp up the pressure slowly and steadily. The less time you have, the more the need to race madly towards the finish line.

So let’s pull up an example or two

Example 1:

Let’s say you’re selling a movie. How much time do you need? Most of us in the movie audience hear of a movie about six-eight weeks before the movie is released. But the movie has had months of pre-sell. Even if you don’t consider the immense work of pre-selling to distributors, TV rights etc., and just consider the audience, you still have a ton of work involved.

The movie has to have a trailer.
It needs to be entered in several festivals.
The movie stars have to be flown to several red-carpet openings across the planet.
The critics have to see a pre-screening.
The publicity machine has to swing in action so that the movie star appears in almost every magazine from the gossip magazines to the more serious ones.
The movie stars have to possibly do or say something interesting or outrageous and show up on dozens of radio/TV shows.

Example 2:

A mother as she gets ready for her delivery date.

First she has to read up every book available on Amazon
Then she has to get all the advice possible.
There are all the checkups and medical tests she has to undergo.
All the names she has to consider.
And the final drill of the run into hospital.

And all of this takes time.

So the best way to start up a factor of pre-sell is to make time work for you. If you have an idea, it’s best to just put it forward to your audience. And then watch the response. So if I were to have a workshop in May 2012 in California, Washington DC and somewhere close to London, I’d just put it forward. And there you go. Just like that I’ve installed the idea in your head.

Notice something important

There’s no fixed venue.
There’s not a topic in sight.
There are no fixed dates or timings.
No prices.
No group size.
In short, there’s nothing but the idea.

But an idea with time on its side is fabulous

When a producer sells a movie; he has nothing but an idea. All of those millions of dollars and tons of work rest purely on a single idea. When a couple gets pregnant, it’s still just an idea. There’s no baby for a very long time, but the ramp up has begun among their audience of relatives and friends. And as the weeks and months pass, that idea gets a life of it’s own as the final date approaches.

But what if you don’t have time on your side?

No one has time on their side. Everyone has exactly the same problem as you. And so you just launch the product or event by just creating a sales platform. This platform could be a bunch of emails, a salesletter, a live presentation etc. And that works too, but the chances of failure are greater, because of one reason alone.

The reason: Customers buy before they pay

The customer needs time to work out things in their head. Sure you can hold a gun to their head and compell them buy, but I don’t suspect you’re ultra-keen on following that wham-bam method. So the way to pre-sell is to simply announce something.

Like I announced the 2012 workshops.
Like a mother announces her due date.
Like a movie producer sells a idea to financiers, distributors and the audience.

And like Sydney, Australia wove its magic on the mind of a 10-year old. Pre-sell takes time. Get started today!

P.S. You got it, right? Just announce your product or service. It doesn’t have to exist. Just announce it!

So what will you pre-sell? Or what have you pre-sold? Post your experience here.

Product Offers: Links you should visit

Before I read the Brain Audit, I felt like I didn’t know what my marketing materials, sales pages, tag lines, and headlines were aiming to achieve.

” I’m another one of those who saw Sean around here and there and I really respected his cut to the chase teaching style.

What an eye opener! The Brain Audit broke the sales process down into a series of steps that make so much sense. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity. There’s a lot of work to be done, but I get it now.

After the Brian Audit I feel like I have the inside scoop on these tools and a much, much better grasp on how to use them.

Thanks Sean, and the chicken recipe is a plus too.”

Cassandra Truax, Worm Rancher
San Antonio, TX, USA

Find out how —The Brain Audit can help you

I was wary of signing up and paying for a forum or another membership site

“If you suspect that your business could be bringing in a lot more revenue but you don’t have a clue how to make that happen without hype or hassle, 5000bc is a must-have resource.

I honestly didn’t see what 5000bc could offer me that I couldn’t get from Sean’s books. Besides, how could a bunch of people – most of whom are not business experts – help me build my business?

I joined anyway because the price was right and I wanted the information that came with the premium membership. ;-)

The information and support I received from Sean and my fellow “cavers” about a single Web page was directly responsible for selling $10,000 worth of books in less than two weeks.

Unlike many Web communities, 5000bc members are active and to the point. Sean keeps adding content that drills down to specific problems in business and then shows you how to solve them.

Try it. You won’t regret it.”

5000bc: Small Business Marketing Memembership| Molly Gordon testimonial
Molly Gordon, Master Certified Coach
Shaboom Inc, USA

Judge for yourselfHow 5000bc can make your business succeed.

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How Pre-Sell Sold The Article Writing Course In Fewer than 24 Hours

How Pre-Sell Sold The Article Writing Course in Fewer Than 24 hours

Last week a client wrote to me. He was amazed that we’d managed to sell an extremely high-priced course in a matter of 24 hours. He was curious. How is it possible to sell a course in fewer than 24 hours when the price tag is well over $2000?

And here’s what I wrote back to the client:

Imagine a situation like this. You are going to meet a guest for dinner. But you know nothing about a guest. And you’re informed that this person you’re about to meet is a rude person. And so in your brain you form a picture of the person.

Now let’s take the exact opposite. And let’s say that you’re told that the guest you’re about to meet is wonderful, warm etc. And is pretty famous and intelligent. Now again your brain forms a picture.

This picture is the simplest form of pre-sell. Where you haven’t really seen the product/service but you are exposed to the concept long in advance.

So how did this pre-sell concept sell out in fewer than 24 hours?

The Article Writing Course for instance had just 34 seats. And we made one announcement to a tiny list of less than 400 people, and all the first 17 seats were taken. We then went to another much larger list, made another announcement and another again all the seats were taken in fewer than 24 hours. Ok so big deal. But what makes all of this so interesting?

Here’s what interesting about these statistics

1) Both batches were all filled up in a 24 hour period.
2) The number of people who saw the sales page was an extremely tiny number. e.g. In the first 24 hours, fewer than 50 people saw the sales page, yet 17 seats were taken, despite a reasonably high price of over $2000 for the course.
3) There were no affiliates, no joint ventures, no adwords—no hoopla involved at all. And only two emails (yes, just two) were sent and all the seats were taken. How’s that possible? Is it just reputation and trust?

Yes there’s a factor of reputation and trust

But hey, this didn’t happen in the year 2005, or 2006, or 2007 or 2008, or 2009. So why did it happen in 2010? Because the pre-sell was far more detailed in 2010 than any other years. Far more time and effort was put in the pre-sell of 2010 than in any other years. And we also had things like the prospectus (which didn’t exist before).

What’s important is that we started the announcement for the Article Writing Course in our membership site of 5000bc.com, as far back as early October. And now it’s almost December. At this point, that one topic in 5000bc has been read over 1330 times. So when you think about it, the client has had time to think about things; to ask questions; to evaluate their time and their budget; to think about it more; to gain more trust; to read the prospectus. And let’s just stop here for a second.

Because the prospectus makes a huge difference.

You don’t always understand what you’re signing up for…

You have a feeling. You read the bullets but all you do is read testimonials on a sales page. A prospectus is different. It gives you the methodology. And it gives you the experiences of people who’ve gone before you. This is more than just another ton of testimonials that you glaze over. No this is about experiences.

They’re persuasive stories that don’t use persuasion, but persuade any way. Each of the experiences isn’t randomly placed in the prospectus. Each one is carefully chosen to reflect the objections of the client. Each one is chosen to highlight the importance of something. E.g. you may not like to work with forums.

And for the Article Writing Course the forum is of critical importance. So I can jump up and down all day and tell you how very important it is to work with the forum. Or I can send you a prospectus and you pre-qualify yourself.

Now here’s the important thing about pre-qualification

If you’re a coach, whom do you want on your team? A bunch of losers who moan and groan about everything? Or those who know what they have to do, and are willing to do what it takes? Who do you want: Folks who say, “I didn’t know this was all about the forum. I don’t have this kind of time to spend every day.” Or do you want someone who knows what to expect because they’ve read the prospectus and are now pre-qualifying themselves?

And yes it sounds sneaky, because you’re actually choosing winners, and so your results will be far more impressive than if you had a bunch of losers and whiners. The testimonials and experiences will be far richer. You’ll have fewer tantrums.

And that’s what top coaches do. They pick on winners in the first instance. If a coach chooses to work with losers, then good luck to them. So as you can see the prequalification helps in more ways than one.

But pre-sell isn’t just about this course.

Pre-sell is about everything you do before the sale. Every article plays its part. Every video. Every audio. Every email exchange. If you wrote to me and I didn’t respond, or didn’t respond with great detail, you may not think much of it. There are lots of people who don’t respond.

But if I take the time to respond like I’m doing here, I’ve scored some major points, because I’ve gone well over and beyond the call of duty. And it works for me as well, because not only do you get a great response, but this response could be used as an article, a case study or be used in two dozen different ways. Just responding to the question makes me think through my own process, so it’s very useful for me as well, even if I chose not use the response elsewhere. So as I said, everything plays its role.

“Everything” is everything

So if you look at the course composition, you’ll see the first batch got filled up with all 5000bc members. I tried to get to that target last year, but was not completely successful. This year in 2010, it worked—and not by fluke. And pre-sell works for everything including products or services.

Apple spends enormous time pre-selling its products. They won’t even tell you what the darned product is, and yet people spend months speculating. And Apple will announce the product—and you don’t get the product in the stores for at least two-three months later.

Look at the time lag between the announcement of the iPad and the actual date you could get an iPad. Look at how they’ve already started to tom-tom their new operating system, and there’s no operating system in sight for a while. Even an update of their operating system from iOS 4.1 to 4.2 was pre-sold for weeks in advance.

Harry Potter does the same.

So does every major movies that comes out from Hollywood. The PR machine goes into overdrive, pre-selling the “story” to the media. If Pierce Brosnan is in a soon to be released movie, go and look at the newsstand. Almost all the magazines covers have Pierce on the cover.

So he’s in the gossip magazine, the film magazine, the health magazine. Waitasec? What’s happening here? Why is Pierce everywhere? He’s everywhere, because that’s pre-sell. Harry Potter does the same. Pre-sell. Wimbledon does the same. The Rugby World Cup isn’t for a while. Doesn’t matter. Pre-sell is in full swing.

So is pre-sell just a propagation of ideas? Or is it actually a sale?

Ideas are powerful things. Ideally an idea is the way to go. Also the problem is that customers aren’t ready to buy when you’re ready to sell. And we have to clearly define the concept of “buying” (at least in this context).

In this context, I mean “buying” as in “buying an idea”. Or to put it in a phrase: Customers “buy” before they “pay”. If you pre-sell an idea for a while and do it correctly, you will indeed find that the payment step is just a mere formality. But is it?

Not really and yes, really

So you still need to have a sales page. Every brand that sells like crazy teaches us that. Just because you pre-sell doesn’t mean that the customer can do without the sales page. Just because you pre-sell doesn’t mean you don’t create urgency.

Just because you do all of this, doesn’t mean you sit back and start sipping Piñacoladas. There’s also the sales letter. The graphics play a role. The captions. The exact placement of testimonials. The clear barrier—you can’t sign up to our courses until you’ve read The Brain Audit. All this and more is needed and it’s not just us that are pedantic about this level of detail. Every organisation that sells well goes into the same intricate detail.

Pre-sell is in the detail.

Without pre-sell you need hoopla. And if you don’t get hoopla, you don’t get enough sign ups or sales—and this is the same for a product or a service.

Because pre-sell sets your brain in motion.

Just like it did when your friend told you what to expect when meeting the guest. In your brain the wheels started turning long before you met the person. And this article has done the same.

If you’re not on the Article writing course, you’ll want to know more…

If you are on the Article Writing Course you’ll be more eager than ever to get started. If you’re not a member of 5000bc, you’ll want to know more and possibly join up. And if I were to say I was going to write a book or course on Pre-Sell, in your mind there’s not a shred of doubt that you want that book or course—or both. (In fact I just announced the course in 5000bc two days ago, and already seven people are keen to sign up).

Note: There’s no fixed date yet, there’s no pricing, there’s no sales page, there’s nothing you’d expect to see. And yet there’s a demand. A very strong demand.
This is it: Pre-Sell in action. You now know what it is. You’ve seen it in action—even in this article. Now use it for your own products and services!

And say goodbye to hoopla forever.


1) Prospectus : http://tinyurl.com/article-writing-prospectus

2) The Brain Audit: http://tinyurl.com/The-Brain-Audit

3) 5000bc: http://www.5000bc.com

“I thought that I could get by using only the newsletters. That was a huge mistake!”

As it turns out, the newsletters were great at helping me see things from a new perspective.

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Stephen Webb, Meta Loop
Memphis, TN USA
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