Testing 1-2-3

I was on my way back from the airport, when I struck up a conversation with a taxi driver. He was originally a landscaper, but was now driving taxis (as part of his retirement plan) and he did like the job a lot. But he did have some regrets. He wanted to write. It had […]


So you’re all focused on customers. Customers bring in the bread, the butter. And yes, sometimes the jam. But if you focused on competition for an itty-bitty while, you’d find that you could have a lot more jam. Doesn’t make sense? Well here’s how it works. Let’s say you’re selling a product or a service. […]

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Most people want to do everything. They want to do blogs, websites, video, Twitter, Facebook and add another twenty thousand things to that list. What’s worse is that they get bad advice. People giving advice tell you, you should branch out, do different things. And that you if you do different things, you can become […]


When we look at a photograph, we start seeing ourselves, even without meaning to do so. This is why you can never put a ‘problem’ in your photograph. But how can that be true? When you see the newspaper photos, they always seem to have something that’s blown up, or burnt down, or something that […]


You’re probably moaning about how you can’t increase prices. The Yes-Yes is a systematic way to makes prices work for you. We’ve tested …this Yes-Yes Factor across products and services for the past 6 years. It doesn’t matter what the price (and we’ve tested products/services from $50-$10,000): It just works. And the only reason it […]


Should you always be testing? No, you should really take time for toilet breaks, coffee, and other things in life. But other than that, yeah, you can spin your wheels forever if you aren’t testing. And despite your wheels spinning like crazy, you’ll still get pulled up by a cop car. The cop car is […]

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How easy can you make website testing? When you strip all the jargon out of testing, you get clarity. And here are six simple messages. In cartoons (What else would you expect?) My comments: This was easily among my most favourite of the lot. Because it was a difficult topic. I mean how do you […]


Cartoons on testing? Aarrrrrrgh, what is the world coming to? But hey, doing something is all very fine. What you really need to do is test the darned thing. Is it really working as it should? Is it working better than it should (and you’re unaware?). Or are you just banging your head against the […]