Time Management

Have you ever seen two pianists play the same music? It’s the very same score, the very same piano, but one seems to play it better than the other. Not just a little better, but a lot better. So what makes one person’s playing so different from the other? It’s inborn talent. That’s what most […]


“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. Those lines were apparently stated by Abraham Lincoln. While Mr. Lincoln probably had a lot of trees to cut, I have a lot of articles to write. And like Lincoln, I’ll almost never write an article […]


  Imagine you had two loans to pay back. Loan A was $100,000 at 19% interest per annum. Loan B was $200 at 1% interest. Which loan would you pay back first? Loan A or Loan B? If you chose Loan A, then almost every financial consultant on the planet would agree with you. Except […]


People often say they have no time. They shouldn’t say that. The truth is they have no ability. Let me explain It used to take me two whole days to write an article. And when the article was complete, I wasn’t sure it was even good enough for publication. I had, as you probably know […]


Keira is my niece. My sister in law teaches her daughter Keira the names of every one in the family. She does this by getting Keira to recognise the photos and call out the person’s name. So Keira learned everyone’s name. And now at two, she says 90% of the names (except the really hard […]


I had a revelation a few years ago. You see I was just like anybody else. I read books. I attended seminars. I did stuff. And I trundled along. Made profits and had my day in the sun. Till I decided I wanted to have a lifetime in the sun. So I studied people. One […]


I used to love dancing. I used to listen to music all day. I used to really enjoy going to movies and eating popcorn. I used to…I used to…I used to… What’s happened to us? Why has work taken over our lives? And how can we reclaim it back? I’m not talking about you. I’m […]


Imagine I told you I could give you 400 hours of time. Time you could spend doing nothing but learning. Learning a new skill. Or getting relevant information. But where could you get 400 hours of undisturbed time? In your car,that’s where! Take the time to learn while you’re on the road, rather than just […]


I remember sitting in a queue at JFK airport in New York waiting to take off. As I sat in the plane, I could see our plane stuck behind about six or eight other planes. They were all waiting to take off. And as we waited the weather conditions changed, causing the planes to keep […]


Imagine a close relative needs to be driven to the hospital and you don’t have time to call an ambulance. You have to drive your relative to the hospital right away. So what do you do? You drive, don’t you? And you get your relative to the hospital. And obvious as it may sound, you […]