Switch on your TV. It doesn’t matter what program is going on, you’ll notice something quite interesting. After about seven seconds something changes.  It may be the scene, it may be the camera angle, it maybe a whole new shot. But almost like clockwork you’ll find there’s a change every seven seconds or so. Then […]


Most of us never know why our headlines aren’t working like they should. And we listen to all those fruitcakes who tell us how to write ‘better’ headlines. Hey, you don’t need to listen to anyone. You just need to focus on one thing. If you tell me one thing in your headline, I’ll listen. […]


You may think that marketing is all about getting your message in front of clients. Or you may think marketing is about relationships. Yeah, yeah, it’s all that but there’s a starting point. And that’s to choose a winning marketing strategy in the first place. And no one demonstrates this technique better than Will Smith. […]


We hate it when customers object. We’d prefer if they simply bought our products and services. Yet objections are a critical indicator of sales and marketing. Without objections you’d never know if the customer is interested or not. And without objections you’d never know how to improve your products and services (you improve them, don’t […]


I’ve got news for you. Most people never read your sales page as completely as you’d like them to do so. And the reason they don’t read it, is because there’s too much too read, right? Wrong! They don’t read it because they’re doing what all humans do all of the time. We scan the […]


So you’re all focused on customers. Customers bring in the bread, the butter. And yes, sometimes the jam. But if you focused on competition for an itty-bitty while, you’d find that you could have a lot more jam. Doesn’t make sense? Well here’s how it works. Let’s say you’re selling a product or a service. […]

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Most people think momentum has only one step. That step is to move forward. And keep moving forward, no matter what the obstacles. These people have Plan A in mind, and by golly, Plan A is going to get done no matter what! But what if Plan A itself is a momentum-killer? So most days […]