Free from Psychotactics: The $2500 Brain Alchemy Marketing Strategy Workshop


In the year 2007, I had a discussion with a client. It was about giving most of our courses away—yes, almost every Psychotactics Course—by the year 2020.

Without charge.

It sounds unusual: Why would someone just give valuable information away?

You and I know that “normal” people don’t do this kind of stuff. No one just gives away thousands of dollars worth of stuff without some sneaky up-sell, cross-sell or some kind of catch. To give away valuable information just like that, sounds weird at the very least.

But we’re not normal (our logo should give you enough hints).

My long-term goal is to create a university in New Zealand (Casa LocoLoco: The Mad House)

This university will be in place to help folks like you run their businesses. It will be a non-profit university. In the spirit of Casa LocoLoco, I am slowly going to make most Psychotactics products and workshops free by the year 2020. So as you can see this process is thoughtful; it’s methodical. And it’s designed on the fact that generosity helps us all.

And the Brain Alchemy Masterclass is just the beginning.

The only ‘catch’ if you want to call it that, is that you have to opt-in. This is for several reasons, but the main reasons are:

1) I only care about people who’ll take the trouble to opt-in.

2) Because it’s a three-day workshop, the digital file download will have to be managed, or if everyone downloads the material at once, it will crash our servers. So I have to send out notifications on different days/time of day.

Of course giving this free is not an easy task, because the whole thing needs project management to see that we don’t crash our server or do crazy things.

Anyway…that’s the the gist of things.

More details will follow next week— so look out for the email (or blog post as the case may be). In next week’s email, you’ll get a direct link (after you fill in a form).

This is just the announcement of what’s to come (yes, like a trailer to a movie :) )

Important Note

This workshop was given away in 2009, 2011, 2013  and we are giving it away again. If you’ve already heard/read it, it’s a good idea to experience it again. The questions remain the same but the answers change and you will experience the same information in a totally different light.

Warm regards,
P.S. If you already have The Brain Alchemy MasterClass and prefer not to receive follow up emails, go to this link and enter your details.  Opt-Out Form.



  1. R. Schwarz says

    looking forward to opting in!! Thanks so much Sean! I learn so much from your articles …I’m sure the course will be just as good.

  2. Kathy says

    If you were standing on a street corner, no matter what you were giving away, I would accept it. Looking forward eagerly to the next email =)


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