How To Reclaim Your Life

I used to love dancing. I used to listen to music all day. I used to really enjoy going to movies and eating popcorn. I used to…I used to…I used to…

What’s happened to us? Why has work taken over our lives? And how can we reclaim it back?

I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about me

Over the years, work took over my life. I stopped listening to music. Hadn’t seen a movie in over a year. Hadn’t gone dancing. And the list went on and on and on.

Till one day, I decided to reclaim my life

Yeah right. Reclaiming your life, is like losing weight. There’s no shortcut. You’ve got to claw back the things that made you happy. Things that excited you and made everyone think you’re a nutter. Somehow, I lost it (as many others have too) and I had to get it back.

Look ma, no instant coffee

Trying to put back in your life all that’s missing is close to impossible. You’ve got to work your way back bit by bit. So I started with the music. I bought myself a set of decent headphones (the ones that cover your ears completely) and listened while I worked.

Tum…dee..dum…Now I was happier

I then decided to factor in the movies. I began to enjoy the popcorn. I went for walks on the beach. I started going for Spanish lessons. Slowly but surely, I’m reclaiming my life.

Hang on, just a minute…but you don’t have time

I understand. And in the first two-three years of your business, you have to put in all your focus. All the time and effort goes into just getting your business off the ground. But even the smallest business starts to get some roots and wings after three years. Clients appear through referrals; Business keeps ticking along with less effort; Life does appear to become less of a hassle.

It’s time to reclaim your life

“We’d never go on vacation,” said my friend Julia, “If I didn’t plan the family vacations in advance.” Julia books the tickets in advance. She knows there will be troubles. That dumb stuff happens. But you can’t stop enjoying yourself, because otherwise there’s little purpose to life.

And a lack of fun starts to wear down your work

Work no longer becomes fun. It’s just another thing to be done.
Another dreary day of deadlines and stress. The only way out is to reclaim your life. Do it this week. Start with one thing. Something small.

Bring a big smile back to your face. You look a lot happier when you’re ‘dancing.’

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  1. says

    Oooo, I can relate. I went back to work full time two years
    ago and became a workaholic. I was having fun at work, but it was
    consuming me. This year I found a much better balance. I put more
    joy and fun in my life– unwrapped a passion that I buried
    (barefoot water skiing) and filled my days with joyful moments. Ah,
    much better! This is a post that everyone needs to read.

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