Are you losing customers because you don’t know how the brain works?

Do you really understand how the marketing brain works? Are you harnessing its immense potential to make your business generate greater revenues? Wouldn’t your strategy and tactics be vastly different, if you understood these psychological marketing ideas?

If you don’t understand the simplicity and predictability of the brain, a lot of your business could be walking out the door. And you may not even realise it! Here’s your opportunity to learn the psychology behind what makes your customer’s brain tick. Then you can use this information, to keep them stuck to you like glue!

PsychoTactics™ unravels an age-old mystery

PsychoTactics™ is a thought system that is based on 5000+ years of tried and tested methods. Our brains are hardwired with information, that hasn’t changed in all these centuries. Imagine being able to use that same psychology in your small business marketing. It’s so deceptively simple that you will wonder just how you did without this incredible understanding of the human psyche for so long.

What’s the catch?

People often ask me why I give so much valuable information free on this website. My answer is simple. I’ve learned from some fantastic people, and I could never give back. This is my way of Giving Forward.

Which is why the information in the Free Tactics section, and the PsychoTactics™ newsletter, will be extremely comprehensive, but always free. I have other products and workshops that you may like to buy to increase your knowledge, but the Free Tactics will always be FREE.

If you doubt it, even for a nanosecond, here is just one of hundreds of testimonials from readers like you. This will alleviate your fear about having to browse through yet another website.

“I’m waiting for the catch. I’ve been waiting for weeks. But I’m beginning to conclude that there isn’t one. Sean’s website continues to provide me with all the valuable insights and ideas he claims it does. I’m a committed fan.”
Rupert Hiller, Advance Communications, Barcelona, Spain

The purpose of this website

I’ve spent way too many hours on the Internet. And I’m sick of get rich quick schemes, and information that’s mostly fluff. The reason I set up this website was to make sure you get the best possible information on topics such as marketing strategy, customer retention, Internet marketing, psychological tactics, advertising, small business ideas, etc.

If you’ve been bouncing around the Internet and, like me, you’re tired of bombastic, crappy (yes, crappy) information, your search will end here. This will be the website that will give you level-headed information. This is where you’ll find everything you need to know about the wild and wonderful aspects of marketing. And yes, there’s entertainment. Yes the articles are actually…ahem…humorous. :)

Don’t think outside the square–Think around corners

Within this website is a gold mine of power-packed information that allows you to look at your business from a radically different viewpoint. You’ll find the information to be zany, yet very useful.

I suggest you explore the various sections of this site, and ONLY THEN, sign up for the PsychoTactics newsletter. The newsletter is FREE, but it’s not a hastily put-together document. Each newsletter is extremely comprehensive in its detail. You’ll find the information fun to read, simple to implement, and psychologically sound.

Three reasons why you should subscribe

Reason 1: There are no pop ups. That alone should clue you in.
Reason 2: There are dozens of testimonials for the newsletter. People before you have tested it and found it to be extremely good value.
Reason 3: Only 26 articles are open for public viewing. The rest are hidden from view. You will get the direct link in the newsletter I send you each month. There’s no password. You can’t find the hidden pages on your own. So, without the link in the newsletter, you miss out on some very valuable information.

The bonus: With your subscription, you get a free, powerful ebook!

What the free e-book is about

The headlines report—you should read it because in under seven minutes you’ll be able to go through a system that shows you how and why headlines fail. Most people think headlines are some mumbo-jumbo. In reality it’s a science. And it’s not hard either. The booklet shows you specific steps to build non-spammy headlines.

I recommend you read it, and read it well. This bonus is free when you subscribe to the newsletter.


As Jeffrey Eisenberg, Persuasion Specialist and author says:
“I’m busy –painfully busy, so I’m stingy with my time. There are only a handful of newsletters I bother to check; Sean D’Souza’s is one of those. Sean’s gift to his readers is the way he weaves valuable lessons into the fabric of entertaining articles.”

And Ken McCarthy, Internet Marketer since 1993 and organiser of The System Seminar says:
“I only read three newsletters, Sean D’Souza’s is one of them. He’s one of those very rare individuals that has something unique to say about the info marketing business.

I don’t care how much you think you know about info marketing or how many of the “gurus” you’ve studied with, Sean has solid, on-the-money advice you probably won’t hear anywhere else – and he’s followed his own advice to create a business that’s truly enviable.”

Go on, grab yourself a strong coffee, and something to eat.

You’re going to be on this site for a long, long time, so you might as well get comfortable. To start your journey click on the button below.

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Sean D'Souza Psychotactics Small Business Marketing Ideas
Sean D’Souza- Brain Auditor :)
P.S. You may find words on the site that seem to be spelled *differently* if you’re used to an Americanised-version of English. You’d find words such as ‘colour, honour, favour, realise’—which you’d spell as ‘color, honor, favor and realize.’

It’s just that this is a New Zealand based site, and I grew up with the British system of spelling, which is a little different. Well, vive la difference…And if you still think it’s a mistake, please don’t hesitate to email me using the link at the bottom of the page. No mistake is too small to fix. In fact, we even offer a reward of $50 or more (in product) for the best blooper of the month! (Please note: The reward isn’t for every bug. It’s meant for the single best bug of the month, or 12 each year).

Happy hunting!

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