Zinger T-Shirts

So you like the cartoons, eh?

And you’d like a t-shirt of the cartoon, wouldn’t you?
Ok, ok, ok, I’ll admit, I have fun drawing the cartoons, and hey, why not have them on t-shirts!

bad landing pages

So here you go, some t-shirts (Yes, for men as well as women)

And remember, all of these t-shirts have a mark-up of just $7.

This means that no matter what the price at the store, I stand to earn just $7 (The rest of the price is the cost of production and the cost of the t-shirt manufacturer). So yeah, I’m not gouging you (in case that crosses your mind at some point).

Ok, enough blah.

Off you go to t-shirt land (Yes, click on the link)
http://www.cafepress.com/psychotoon (You will be taken to a new page) ;)
P.S. You may want to get a t-shirt for a client as well. You’ll not only get a good laugh, but you highlight the wisdom of the t-shirt from time to time, when you want to make a point.

P.P.S. If you want to request a cartoon be made into a t-shirt, then either post a comment below or simply email me.