You already know that 80% of a sales letter depends on your headline

(So what’s the remaining 20% that causes customers to buy?)

Every one knows that the headline is critical…

And therefore it’s not uncommon to see writers spend many hours testing and re-testing their headline. But what happens once your customer goes past the headline into the rest of the copy? Which are the elements that cause customers to feel an urge to buy your product or service?

These elements are simply the benefits, features and bullets

And most of us think that writing benefits, features and bullets is easy stuff. All you have to do is list them out logically and it gets the job done.

But this isn’t just about getting the job done. If you don’t use the benefits/features and bullets effectively, the customer may read and then just click away. Understanding how customers read a sales page is what gives your sales page the upper edge.

So how do customers view a sales page, anyway?

They first look at the how the page is presented. They read the headline and the first few paragraphs. And then they start scanning. And then they suddenly stop midway at the features, benefits and bullets.

So why do they stop? They stop to get a summary. The features, benefits and bullets are like a quick summary. It gives the customer a solid idea of what to expect. And to take customers to the next stage, you have to have a rock-solid system of writing features, benefits and bullets on your sales page.

Presenting ‘Client Attractors’: How To Write Benefits, Features and Bullets That Speed Up Sales

‘Client Attractors’ helps you deconstruct the elements that go into benefits, features and bullets. It shows you how small tweaks in your placement of the words makes a big difference in the way the customer responds to your offer.

Features, benefits and bullets are critical because a customer often buys your product on the basis of a single bullet or a single well-explained benefit. Which is why you have to be very sure that every one of them is hitting the mark. And that’s really what this book is all about. But let’s see what’s inside the book, shall we?

Some of What You Will Learn:

Big Brand Mistakes
Big brands make the same mistakes that small businesses do. In their hurry to create a sales page, they leave out critical information in their features and benefits. Learn how to avoid the mistakes—especially if you’re a small business owner.

Powerful Graphics
Many writers pooh-pooh graphics, but did you know that some of the biggest and most successful brands online use graphics to consistently drive home benefits and features. But how do you use these graphics correctly?

Benefits With A Secret Weapon
It’s clear as day once you know the secret, but some benefits are far more potent than others. The secret lies in how you insert a ‘problem’. The ‘problem’ creates drama and makes a run-of-the-mill benefit stand out. Once you know how to use the ‘problem’ in benefits, you’ll want to use it all the time.

Correct Location of Benefits/Features/Benefits
Where do you place benefits and features on the sales page? You could place them right at the top, somewhere in the middle or right at the end. But obviously they work better in some positions instead of others. Learn where to place them for maximum impact.

Crappy Bullets
Bullets are easy to write, but also just as easy to goof up. Can you tell a great bullet from a crappy one? It’s important to see what makes the bullets crappy, so you can stay away from lazy, crappy bullets.

The Fastest Way To Write Powerful Bullets
Often you tend to get stuck when writing bullets. But there’s a system to beat going round in circles. This ebook contains a system that lets you write dozens of bullets (yes as many as 50 bullets) just by following simple steps.

bullets Psychotactics benefits features copywriting persuasion
Benefits, features and bullets seem deceptively simple to write. Learn how to avoid mistakes made by most writers (even experienced ones) and write benefits, features and bullets that jump out at your reader.
  • How to write short, punchy features. And why benefits should do most of the hard work.
  • How Amazon uses bullets and features on their sales pages. And how they subtly get a point across in video, before you even realise you’re being sold to.
  • Why you should study Apple’s sales pages. They’re a lot longer and in-depth than you realise. And Apple really drives home benefits and features.
  • Why most writers don’t use the combined power of the ‘problem’ and ‘solution’, and hence water down their benefits by at least 50%.
  • How to use variations from the standard benefits and features you see. And how these variations may help if you have very limited space on your page.
  • Why bother with bullets when you already have a list of benefits and features? And how many bullets should you put on a page—and where?
  • How to format bullets to prevent them ending up a waterfall of text. And to know when formatting is totally unnecessary.
  • Logistical Bullets: What are they? Why do they matter so much?
  • Learn about the three super powers of bullets and why they’re critical for in the conversion process.


So what’s unique about this book?

This book is brief, very brief. It has just 58 pages in all. And the reason it’s brief is because you need to be able to learn about bullets, features and benefits in one sitting. And once you do, you can quickly tweak your sales pages and see the difference for yourself.

But don’t take my word for it.

Check it out for yourself. Take your time to go through the ebook. And after 30 days, if you feel that this book is not what you expected you can use the ‘Super Smiley Guarantee’. We will refund your money in full without asking any questions—and with a smile. Just send us an email and we will be happy to refund your money immediately.

Plus a big, bonus video (For premium only!)

And if you buy the Premium Version you get an amazing bonus video: Sales Page Layout—What Goes Where. Even if you don’t like video too much, you’ll really love this one because it shows you how to keep the customer engaged with the first part of your salesletter—before they get to your bullets, features and benefits.

video psychotactics bullets
bullets Psychotactics benefits, features
benefits, bullets featuers Psychotactics conversion bullets
These are screenshots from the bonus video. The video is 25 minutes long and filled with specific detail about the sales page layout. You’ll learn exactly what drives the sales of one of our best-selling products (The Brain Audit) which to date has sold over $500,000 worth of copies without any advertising, joint ventures or affiliates.

The video isn’t the usual droning, boring video. It’s quick, efficient and really drives home how the sequence of the sales page is incredibly important. It’s a deconstruction like you’ve never seen before. And you’ll learn about the roller coaster. But I’ve said too much already :)

You’ll love this video, that’s for sure!


Product: Client Attractors
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Client Attractors:
How To Write Benefits, Features and Bullets That Speed Up Sales”
Premium Bonus
Video of the Sales Page Layout: What goes Where(valued at $75)
Summary In this 58 page document, you will learn how to extract maximum power from bullets, features and benefits. And be amazed at how much you’ve missed all this time.
What you will learn Main learning
- How to maximise the impact of benefits and features.
- Three core ways in which to write a mountain of incredibly powerful bullets.
- See what the big brand names like Amazon, Apple etc., are doing and why this system of benefits, bullets and features works for them in text as well as video.
And more…
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Premium Bonus:Video of the Sales Page Layout: What goes Where (valued at $75) - Tick
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