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A Hidden Reason Why One Book Made Over $600,000 in profits

Remember the time Steve Jobs stood on the podium with a yellow Manila folder in his hand? A Manila folder that should have held some sheets of paper—at best. Then—amazingly—he slides out a computer from the Manila folder and the audience gasps. That is storytelling! Storytelling is when you create drama through analogies, case-studies and personal stories. You can […]

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How The “Mosquito Moment” Brought Bill Gates’ Story Alive!

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Bill Gates isn’t known for making brilliant speeches. But there’s this moment where he stands on the TED stage with a schoolboy smirk on his face. He reaches a container that’s sitting on a table nearby and opens a container. He then proceeds to tell the audience he’s just released a few mosquitoes into the audience. Suddenly Gates’ […]

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