Twitter-Crazy Future: Cartoon

So will Twitter take on the world? Who knows? But it sure is driving some folks crazy!

gypsy, twitter, future

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  1. says

    Nice cartoons. Just an idea: What about sometimes leaving the speech-balloon empty and let us leave text-proposals in the comments? (in order to increase interactivity).

  2. Marian Dyer says

    The trouble is that people are starting to think that, if it isn’t instant, it’s broken. Great cartoon!


  3. says

    I like it and here is a poem that found me and it complements your cartoon.

    Fortune tell and twitt are both forthcoming
    Infroming what events in your future are coming

    Your purpose of today
    It to have a nice day

    The cartoon can put smile on your face
    Getting in touch inside with your happy place

    Marina Duskov

  4. says

    Brilliant cartoon and even more spectacular product idea! I can see the infomercial now… psychic twitter only 3 easy payments of $999.95! Your email was a welcome laugh break today. :-)

  5. fran says

    How tweet it is! Love it. Does it do it in morse? How do you gaze at a tweet? Just rub gently and the tweet genie appears. Short and Tweet (grooooooooooan)

  6. yemi says

    Supposing it is a dialog?
    Purple woman says :it’s broken.
    What is broken
    The lantern and all it does is tweet anyway.

    (just a thoguht)

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