Marketing Products and Services: The Psychotactics Sequence

So what is tiny, incremental learning?

In today’s world there’s way too much marketing and business information. But that’s not the frustrating part. The real bugbear is that the information is mostly so big, so chunky and so very disorganised that once you read it, you’re like a deer in headlights. It becomes unable to move.

Incremental learning allows you to follow steps.

First step one, then step two. Then step one + step two—and so forward. Our clients now expect our marketing products to be rich in detail, and to follow clear steps. And so you have it—incremental learning is what makes Psychotactics marketing products different.

Plus we’re a bit loco

When I was in advertising, my boss called me an “iconoclast”. She said I wasn’t a rebel. Rebels conform, she said. Iconoclasts forge their own way forward. And so it is with the books and products. We follow a system that’s fun and easy to learn. Cartoons, recipes (yes, food recipes), detailed summaries etc., make learning a lot more fun—which it should be.

You could buy marketing products anywhere (and you know that)

But you’ll find that Psychotactics products really help you make those incremental steps. Try it—you’re sure to get addicted (in a good way). If you haven’t already gotten yourself a copy of The Brain Audit, it’s the best place to start.

And yes, even though there are various options, I’d recommend The Brain Audit Kit.
Why? Yes, it’s slightly expensive, but it’s also the most comprehensive. But you’ll find out for yourself. Glad to see you here and see you in our membership site at someday well.

Step 1

The Brain Audit

The Brain Audit Marketing Strategy Best Seller

Have you seen your customer back out of a deal at the very last minute?
(Have you seen your customer ready to sign up, and then mysteriously back away? Don’t you feel like tearing your hair out when customers do that?)
The Brain Audit Kit is a complete system that enables you to understand what’s going on inside the brain of your customer. It’s a system that is based on a deep understanding of how our mind works. It shows you the bags inside your customer’s brain. It gives you an understanding of how the brain responds to specific psychological triggers. And it speeds up the sales process, without the need to be pushy.
»The Brain Audit: Why Customers Buy And Why They Don’t Buy

Critical Website Components Series
Website Strategy Secrets

Do you feel like banging your head against the wall when writing content for the important pages on your website?
How do you write sensible, yet compelling content for pages such as your Home Page, About Us page, etc? Wouldn’t it be just wonderful to have a systematic approach to create the important pages on your website?
The Critical Website Components Series: A series of three books on how to create “Home Page”, “About Us” and “Get Customers To Sign Up” to your website/blog.
» Critical Website Components Series

Step 2

5000bc membership

Online Membership Community Psychotactics

In your small business, how can you get fast, reliable answers to your complex business problems?
Imagine a place where like-minded professionals just like you meet each day. Imagine where topics from marketing strategy, Internet marketing, speaking strategies, copywriting, direct mail, new technology, graphic design are explained in great detail. It’s not just another forum.You also get:

  • Hidden Articles
  • Checklists
  • Access to Tactics & Strategies
  • Vanishing Reports
  • Expert Interviews Series
  • First Preference for all courses and workshops
  • And more…

»  5000bc Exclusive Membership

Business Products


» On Marketing, Planning, Testimonials, Story Telling, Design And More…

Next Step: Not sure what to buy?


Websites can be very confusing.

If you have any questions, please email me directly or use the link in the footer (it’s right at the bottom of every page), and let me know how I can help.

Warm regards,
Sean D’Souza
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