The Three Month Vacation: How To Take Insane Amounts Of Time Off


Could you actually take three months off every year?
Or do you get swamped with work, and more work, and even more work?

It’s a good question, and seems like an impossible one too.
So would it surprise you if I said we take more than three months off every year?
Would it surprise you that our revenue has grown because of the time off?
Would it surprise you that our clients expect us to take time off, and plan around our vacations?

But a trip depends on the plan
And most businesses don’t actually have a plan to take time off every year.
So how do you take time off every year?
You re-structure your business using the Three-Prong System.

So what is the Three-Prong System?
It’s a system that has formed the basis of business for thousands of years.
Most businesses are based on just one prong.
Some have two prongs.
And the businesses with the most free time have three prongs.

So what are these prongs? And how do you use them to control your business? And how can you get on the road to three months (or more) every year? Listen to the audio below. Or subscribe to a direct podcast from iTunes (so you don’t miss any of the episodes)

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  1. says

    Here’s an idea for the three prong system. Have a cruise that a few clients pay for. Have informal group training discussions and one on one time. Enjoy a paid vacation and inspire a few clients. Call it a master mind cruise or retreat.
    the wYman, brainstorming solutions to business and world problems.


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