And The Winners Are…

So yes, I asked for suggestions to the blog.  Now admittedly, it’s very, very hard to  make a choice but I had to choose in the end. And here are the winners. (Note: I haven’t been able to implement all the suggestions yet, but I have done some of them–and the rest are on my to-do list). And though I promised only three winners, here’s to breaking of rules…Four winners!

Winners: In no particular order
1) Nola Welling
2) Lisa Solomon
3) Chris Lang
4) Diane Cesa

Thanks for all your suggestions. And keep them coming. You never know: I may suddenly award a prize anyway. As for the winners, please contact me within the next three months to get an original cartoon of your choice. You’ll have to email me your contact details, so I can ship out the original artwork worth $1500 each (and rising).

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  1. says

    You don’t know what you’ve just done, do you?

    The prize you offered up may represent a blog topic more valuable to your customers than any subject that won. Pricing.

    I built a profitable business that the next two owners haven’t been able to duplicate. Simply because they don’t understand how to price.

    The price you put on a product can make or break your business. It may be the final deciding factor whether someone buys or not. No matter how much of the great stuff they’ve applied from your tremendously storehouse of knowledge.

    Why don’t folks get that? Maybe because they don’t get how people form valuations or why anyone in their right mind would pay $1500 for a cartoon that wasn’t drawn by Walt D. himself. Or maybe they just don’t know how.

    Tell them about Golden Books and how just a 4 cent price increase nearly doubled sales. And how Walmart is knocking 4 cents off products to keep its image as low price leader. And how when someone claims they’re giving away $897 dollars of FREE digital stuff to get a $27 sale, customers may feel their leg getting pulled.

    On the other hand (or leg, as the case may be), a plain piece of copy paper with marker scribbling and a $1500 price tag can establish the value of the artist more than the value of the art. And that’s useful. It’s useful for selling other things. And even for sending to a 5th winner because her topic was too good to pass up.

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