Announcing: Membership Site Strategy Book (Yes, you can buy it today at a special early bird rate)

by Sean D'Souza

I started writing this book around August 2009.
Now it’s 2013.

And it’s the story of 5000bc.
A membership site that hasn’t lasted just one, or two years
but will be around–and thriving for 10 whole years.

Introducing “Be Kind, Be Helpful or Begone”- A book
on how to create a thriving, helpful community online.

A book that takes you deep into the world of community
and consumption. Yes, consumption too–close to a hundred
pages on that topic alone.

The Early Bird Price
And the best price.
The final price will be $129.
Right now it’s just $89.

Get it while you can.

Warm regards,
P.S. Yes, the price will go up.

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