10 years of Psychotactics—: What Can We Do?

by Sean D'Souza

Psychotactics: Smalll Business Marketing, 10 year celebration


In less than a month from now, it will be 10 years that Psychotactics has been around. And we think it’s something worth celebrating.

So what can we do?

Even if you’ve never posted before, I’d encourage you to volunteer your ideas so that we can make this event something special.

Will you help with your ideas? All ideas are welcome, no matter how small or big. We’ll see what we can do (as you know we will)

Where do you post your ideas?
Here is the link
10 years Psychotactics: My ideas

Warm regards,
P.S. If you need any help, please let me know. If you’d rather send me your ideas in an email instead, that’s wonderful too.

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Jason Buckley August 6, 2012 at 3:49 pm


I find big numbers are a good way of celebrating success. A friend of mine will see the 10,000th child attend one of his courses this year, and he’s also started numbering the courses (I’m helping out on 779 in a few weeks time). It gives me a sense of pride to be part of something that has had that sort of scale and continuity. I also share with the helpers on my outdoor business the number of “camper nights” of expeditions we provide each year. It’s not about measuring things for targets or “KPIs” etc, but about feeling, “Wow, that’s a lot, and we made that happen”.

I wonder what big numbers there are that you’ll be hitting this year – like the total number of posts on forums, people on courses, articles written (by you but moreover by people who have learned from you). So a mixture of figures that are about psychotactics as a business and also ones that are about what customers have done and achieved.

But that’s still not an event or something to do, which I think is what you’re asking. Maybe you could ask everyone on your lists to post something they’ve done as a result of reading your stuff, and something they’re going to do in the next 30 days. Give a particular time to post – say exactly 12 noon wherever in the world you are on the anniversary day. So if everyone stuck to that, there would be a demonstration not just of the numbers of people involved but of their spread around the world, as the posts appear in a series of time zones. Psychotactics Round the World Trip etc.


Les Sinclair August 6, 2012 at 10:43 pm

You’ve done so much in Ten years. Imagine 10 years worth of popular ideas. Your Top Ten. Do a world wide webinar. Invite everyone and let us sponge from your brain.


Steve Bagley August 7, 2012 at 5:28 am

What’s new on the horizon – not that you haven’t done enough already and given that I am a newbie I will most likely be busy for sometime implementing your strategies – but even you are looking out 6 mos to 5 years – what excites you?


David Harris August 8, 2012 at 7:19 am

Hey Guys.

As many of you have already pointed out Sean has done so much for us so maybe this should not be about what he can do for us but maybe more about what we can do for him and Psychotactics to help him celebrate this significant milestone?

I have been following Sean and Psychotactics since I stumbled upon his website in February 2009, I have learned so much from his articles and website about myself and some of the keys and inner workings of this fearsome thing called Marketing. Thank you so much Sean.

I have spent some time since this post first hit my inbox reflecting on what I have learned even though I have never attended one of Seans much famed and talked about courses or Seminars, I wish I could but unfortunately that remains beyond my reach and resources, one day hopefully.

While I am not sure exactly what we could do, surprise party at a mystery location, Flash Mob surprise home visit, one day congratulatory email blitz etc I am sure that there is someone here that is much more capable than me to bring something together to honour the work and commitment that Sean has put in over the last 10 years.

Congratulations Sean on reaching a significant milestone and for the quality of what you have developed and do, truely remarkable, be proud of your achievement as you truly deserve it.

Kind Regards
David Harris


Gordon August 13, 2012 at 6:19 pm

We can say thanks for embedding pay forward.


Ann Shea August 14, 2012 at 11:05 am

a decade…hurray for you Sean, and all of us that consume your wise words and feast on fun images that come from your fertile brain! Like David, I immediately thought of a flash mob event, if possible at several locations worldwide the same day.

I am an ardent tango dancer and have been involved in a flash mob in Montreal in the subway there. All of a sudden, strains of tango music fill the corridors and platforms, and instantly ordinary commuters scattered around become couples who perform wonderful interpretations of this form of expression for just a minute or two, until the music ends, and the disappear again as ordinary citizens into the crowd. In my version of this celebration, the dancers would wear Sean’s T-shirts (only with the drawing on the back–you’ll see why when you see sample video), all the same bright color. (Offered the shirts online at cost to the dancers. Of course, it gets on YouTube and everybody gets to enjoy. See a sample event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hltufBnlBY
BTW, Tango dancers are very spontaneous, love to do this thing, and are all connected on Facebook. Sean, let me know if you are interested and I can contact some tango people in various communities. I can also post it here: http://www.tangomango.org/ It would be pleasure to help.

Other ideas:
* Have a cartooning/drawing party for underprivileged kids at a nearby zoo. Celebrity guest in residence…guess who?? Co-organizers of the event…your own kids. Never underestimate the brain power of a young’un.
* Work with a local bakery to have them make cupcakes with an image you make. See samples of how creative (if not completely edible??) bakers are these days http://bit.ly/ROEBXV. Host a tea party for some college students majoring in videography and serve them up with a few other delectables.
* I like the webinar idea too! I’d be there in a nanosecond.

Ann in Miami


Marianne August 23, 2012 at 8:39 pm

Dear Sean (and Renuka!)
First of all: congratulations on your anniversary. Wow, a decade…
10 years of which I’m only aware of the last two years. But a very impactful awareness is has been so far and will be for years to come I trust.

As for an idea to celebrate: What has recently encouraged me very much was you sharing in an article that ‘The Brain Audit’ started out as only a 16-page document (including fillers ;-) ).
The encouragement comes from knowing that a business that I trust, use and see as successful, has started out small as well.

So my suggestion would be to show us how Psychotactics developed over the years. Year 1, 2, 3 – 10. What changed each year? What was YOUR biggest learning each year.

To me as a starting business owner, and I believe to many others, this would be a tremendous source of encouragement and support.

Thanks for all you do!


Shel Horowitz - Green/Ethical Marketing Expert September 3, 2012 at 12:33 am

Congrats, Sean and Renuka. I don’t remember when I started following you or how I discovered you–but the earliest e-mail I’ve saved from you dates to 2005. And now I’ve got a nice fat folder of your wisdom with 137 posts that I refused to throw away after I read them.:-)

I’d ask ten or 20 or whatever number of your students to share the one tip from you that has changed the way they do business (but no repeats!)–make it a nice little e-book that you give away, and each entry has the tip, the picture, website, and three-line bio of the person who recommended it. This makes them look good and you look good, and of course you include bounce-back offers and make it freely distributable.

Shel Horowitz, green and ethical marketing consultant
Most recent book: Guerilla Marketing Goes Green


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