Lynda Weinman of speaks about membership sites to Sean D'Souza

Do you sometimes feel you’ve run into a rock star?

Not just any rock star, but the one that really commands the respect of everyone around? Well, today we’re we’re going to speak to Lynda Weinman: the rock star of software training. Peachpit Press calls Lynda Weinman is the best-known and highly respected teacher of web design in the world

You may have seen her site at is a massively popular site with well over 200,000 page views per day. And the person behind all of this amazing information is Lynda Weinman.
Alrighty then, let’s get this show on the road. :)

Want to read the transcript? Hmmm…let’s see. Here you go.

Here’s some of the content we cover:
2 Type of Site + Agenda

2.1 How did you decide which type of site to go with?

2.3 Agenda: What we’ll cover today:
a- Starting up
b- Running The Site
c- Consumption of content

3 Starting Up

3.1 What caused you to say: Let’s put together?

3.2 Start up challenges: Technology

3.3 Start up challenges: Conversion

3.4 Mistakes Learned About Start Up

3.5 Biggest Criteria When Starting Up

3.6 Early Conversion: What do you think is the biggest draw card to conversion?

4 Running Membership Sites

4.1 How much content do you need to put in? Frequency?

4.2 There’s an absence of forums etc on Was that a
conscious decision?

4.3 What’s Your Content Creation Strategy?

4.4 How much time is involved in the running of the site?

4.5 What are the biggest challenges in running the site?

5 Consumption

5.1 How Do Manage Client’s Expectations?

5.1.1 Media Expectations

5.1.2 Type of Content

5.1.3 Technology

5.2 What’s a typical retention rate look like?

5.3 What techniques help you retain customers better?

5.4 Ideas that came from customers that help in better consumption

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