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You hate to be pushed, don’t you? What if I gave you a gentle nudge, even a slight tweak? That’s what you should get from Free Tactics. What you’ll find here is a way to step back and re-evaluate your business marketing strategy. You’ll find these articles well researched and bordering on funny (ah well…)

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1) Harness The Psychological Power Of 3 Improve your communication and change your marketing strategy by tapping into the deeply embedded psyche of humans.

2) Can Powerpoint Presentations Rival TV Ads? Ever wonder why some PowerPoint presentations are head and shoulders above others? Why do some have amazing powers of persuasion while others simply bore you to death? Here’s the secret to PowerPoint pizzazz.

3) The Power Of Why WHY on earth would you ignore advice on one of the most powerful psychological triggers that make people buy?

4) Can You Convert Your Marketing Into A Religion? Some brands of religion can breed fanatics. If it works for them, why not make it work for your product or service? Follow these simple marketing strategies.

5) Do You Know Who’s Killing Your Email Marketing? More interesting than a mystery novel, but deadly serious for your business. Is something lurking in the shadows you should know about? This internet marketing article will tell you who.

6) Like a Virgin — Is Your Marketing As Fresh As Madonna’s?Madonna Incorporated consistently reaps profits even after 18 years on the trot. Here’s what you can learn from the chameleon of pop music. Why reinvent your branding?

7) Is Nature A Marketing Guru?
Here’s what you can learn from her Technology rules. Yeah, for about five minutes — then natural instincts take over. Are you stupid enough to fight Mamma Nature? Here is what you can learn from her marketing strategy…

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