1. says

    We’re so boring I still use the intercom on the phone, from my office, across the hallway to her “command control” area in the living room.

    She always complains when I come out late at night and want to talk. She says, you have an office where you can hide away all day! I don’t! (Go away).

  2. Bonnie says

    I thought it was bad when we emailed each other from the kitchen on the 1st floor to my office on the 2nd. But now I have to admit that we sometimes email each other in the same room. Great cartoon!

  3. says

    Best one so far, Sean!

    It kinda reminds me of the radio commercial about the husband and wife chatting over the cell phone about what to bring home for dinner. Turns out they’re one aisle away from each other in the grocery store. :)

  4. Frances Schagen says

    For us it’s Skype. D isn’t on FB.
    It’s also a private way to chat with kids wandering around.

  5. says

    hi Sean, congratulations!! I saw myself so clear…like a mirrow!!
    Sometimes it is the only way I find I can get the boys (18 & 13) to answer me and communicate! … without getting grumpy at me, for interrupting them!
    it is crazy, when you think about it!!

  6. says

    Facebook isn’t the media massage* in our office. Sadly we email or text one another from one room to the next.

    *For those of you too young to remember Marshall McLuhan (and that would be all of you) – he wrote (in the late 1960’s) about the media being the message then later changed the title to “The Media is the Massage.” BTW he predicted the World Wide Web about 30 years before it actually happened.

  7. says

    Hi Sean,
    here is another one I’d like to see you do. A young couple walking through a beautiful landscape, holding hands, and each talking on their mobiles.

    have a go!


  8. says

    We did the same thing on messenger at the previous job I´ve been. Weird, but sometimes it feels more convenient to type out, than talk to the person next to you :)

  9. says

    FB can be useful – my 18 year old daughter is currently doing Camp America. I have been trying to synchronize a Skype call since the beginning of June. Last Friday I noticed she had just posted on her wall, so I FB msg-ed her asking if she had time for a chat – and yay! she did (it was 1am her time). Admittedly she is a bit further away than the characeters in the above cartoon….

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