Bats and Coffee: Part 2 + Win A T-Shirt

Remember last week’s cartoon on ‘Why Bats Don’t Drink Coffee?’

Well, one of our subscribers Cesare Ferrari took that situation and  created a little tweak—and a punchline of his own. And it’s hilarious! Well, that means Cesare wins a t-shirt from Psychotactics. And you can win too! And you don’t even have to be a cartoonist. Just send in your punchline for the bat-cartoon (from last week) and if I like it, I’ll do a t-shirt (yeah, one of a kind) just for you! So are you up to the challenge? You have nothing to lose and a cool t-shirt to gain! So post your replies in the comments section below. May the best one win.

And here’s a link to last week’s cartoon again. What I need is a funny caption for last week’s cartoon. And yeah, post your caption below.

P.S. Note that Cesare’s cartoon changed the situation. You don’t have to change the situation at all. It just has to be a funny caption. And not even about coffee. Just something funny! So go for it!

bats, coffee, coffee cartoon, Cesare Ferrari, Sean D'Souza, Psychotactics

Here’s last week’s cartoon. Write a caption for this one! You can submit as many captions as you like. Um, don’t spam the system. It’s about quality, not quantity!

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  1. fran says

    It’s time to drop the “Bat out of Hell” image.

    or: they’ve decided to drop the “Bat out of Hell” image.

    It doesn’t give me wings. Red Bull does.

    It stops them winging it.

    Decaff stops them hanging out and regular can’t hide in the wings.

    Plungers and espresso machines don’t work upside down.

    They’ve given up being bean counters.

    groan groan groan

  2. Jon Pietz says

    I never touch the stuff. It makes me go completely bat-shit.

    That last victim must have been one serious coffee drinker. (bat is shaking)

  3. says

    I don’t have to be an actor to enjoy an excellent performance. Luckily, I don’t have to be a cartoonist to enjoy this performance. I’m just hanging out here (just noticed the possible pun problem) in order to get a good laugh.

    • says

      This one was also a big favourite with me. The only reason it didn’t win was because the cartoon itself needed a bit of change. Still, KC, I’ll send you a consolation prize as I thought this was very funny 😉 Send me your address.

  4. says

    “That bloody D’Souza wants his clients to make fun of us”
    “I told you we should’ve stayed in Sydney Botanic Gardens.”

    “That bloody D’Souza stuck us down here so he’d have room for his caption.”
    “I’ll show the bugger. I wont enter his caption contest and he’ll end up looking lopsided.”

    “Ever thought of standing upright on the branch instead of hanging down from it?”
    “That’s the trouble with youse young blokes. Always attacking our most sacred cultural traditions.”

    “Whaddya thing those two naked humans are doing on the lawn below us?”
    “Dunno: But whatever it is, hot coffee on bare skin sure breaks their concentration.”

  5. says

    “that guy makes us perform idiotic things again”

    Sean, don’t go outside your sphere. I think this kind of cartoon (linking something unlikely) is why I don’t get the squealing with laughter effect.
    Cartoon (meant as a verb) about things that happen to YOU (and you are a guy who drinks ginger and pepper tea!)

    the explanations were great (all the thoughts that went into it, colour, position of wings, etc). A joke is definitely something unexpected (i.e. you can’t giggle by tickling yourself), but there also has to be a realization of how true it could be.

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