Cartoon: One Day In Junior High

Remember how we all wanted to be astronauts and teachers when we grew up? Well that hasn’t changed a lot, but there have been some changes for sure. Have a look below, and be sure to leave your comments. :)

Internet guru, social media marketing, when I grow up, Sean D'Souza, marketing cartoons
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  1. Fruit Loops says

    Could be the first time I saw a vertical cartoon. Internet guru – not something you see in the dailies. Nice positioning of two outboard backgrounds juxtiposed with an inboard white non-background. Excellent colors and nice color “tye-dye in”. Good work !!

  2. says

    LOVING the cartoons, Sean, especially the surfboard symbolism. Is that Mark Zuckerberg enjoying the fruits of his Facebook Labor?

    PS: Ditto in gratitude for no highlighting and funny arrows.

    • says

      I doubt that’s Mark :) Mark probably works as hard (if not harder than everyone else). But yes, it’s a “guru” persona that tries to appear as if all they’re doing is surfing all day. That reminds me to take on the four-day workweek :)

    • says

      Thanks. I’ll do more watercolours in future :) And yes, the yellow highlighting was avoided on purpose. We detest it too. We figured there must be ‘crazy’ people like us as well on the planet. :)

  3. says

    Hi Sean,

    Loved the cartoons! – Fascinating theme to explore…as a cartoon series!

    Interesting thought to project these ‘thought of’ occupations forward ten years – to see if they might still be available :)

    I guess the only real ‘certainty’ amongst these is probably the Teacher?

    In the western world, with NASA virtually halting its space programme, I guess being an astronaut is now more remote?

    Internet ‘Gurus’ seem to be fairly ‘thick on the ground’ at present – but who knows how long it will be before this particular ‘bubble’ bursts?

    The only thing we can be sure of is that things WILL change…


    • says

      Snake oil salesmen have existed for thousands of years in one form or another. Astronauts may go on the dole, but not Internet gurus :) There’s always a creep, and always a sucker. Sad, but true. And I know this, because I’ve been sucked in by their get-successful schemes myself. It took a while, but I eventually learned there is no quick and easy way. Even the creeps have to work very hard to get your money. 😉

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