How To Get Clients To Participate: The Common Knowledge Pool

How To Get Clients To A Common Pool Of Knowledge

Let’s say you run a workshop.
Or you run a forum.
The single biggest problem that most of us have is the factor of participation.
So how does participation increase?

It’s called the common understanding
For example at we have a book called The Brain Audit.
The Brain Audit has certain parameters. And details.
Which means when a client reads the Brain Audit, they become qualified.

No one is an expert on anything
But at least they’re not unsure any more. They’re now more qualified to give answers based on a common understanding. What this means, is that you’re creating a common language or knowledge. This is a language or knowledge that’s part of the common pool that you’ve created. Those inside the pool, can splash around and enjoy the nice, warm water. Those outside the pool look into the pool, and think jumping in may be a very good idea indeed.

So what you’ve got to do is create a common knowledge pool
This can be a book. ( The Brain Audit)
It can be a class (e.g. The Article Writing Course)
It could be a separate part of the forum that’s available only to Premium Members.

What’s going to happen as a result of this common knowledge?
The members improve their understanding of that knowledge and therefore are able to now comment on websites/articles etc, that go outside that common knowledge pool. So someone who’s done the article writing course will be able to give specific advice, but someone who’s done another course (e.g. the attversumption course) is still able to give advice.

But how do they get used to giving advice?
I encourage them. While many people are not exactly comfortable in forums (or discussions0, they’re more likely to pitch in if they feel safe—and if they’re referring to a common knowledge pool.

When it comes to courses or presentations, it may be a great idea to send in information in advance. 
These pages of information should be about what you’re going to cover. It may be an excerpt. It may be a chapter. It may be a section. Whatever it is, let it not be blah-blah about you, and more about the information you’re going to cover.

This gets the participants prepared, and already locked in to that common knowledge pool
When they walk through that door, they’re not walking into an unsafe zone. They already have a common knowledge base. This encourages them to relax. And participate. Of course, it would make immense sense to reference parts of the information you’ve sent in advance. It would make sense to ask early questions based on the information you’ve sent in advance.

That way, you build early trust. And create a safe zone. Yes, even with existing clients.

You’d think existing clients would feel safe, but they don’t
Even if clients know you, and know the information, they’re in a different zone. The room is different. The information is new. The structure of learning is new. These unknown factors create a lack of safety. So the more you do to create the safety zone, the more relaxed the clients will be. And more likely to participate.

So create the safety zone

And one of the starting points for the safety zone is to provide the common knowledge pool.
Then provide the margaritas.
And we’ll all jump in.


“What do your customers think? What would make them buy?”
In the Brain Audit – Sean teaches 7 steps on how to form killer communication pieces that makes people buy from you. The Brain Audit is a simple psychological system that everyone can use in their communication to increase their profits.”

Ankesh Kothari – Biztactics, USA
Judge for yourself
Read how The Brain Audit can help you…
“I’m one of those people who has a lot of trouble spending money on training and education, so paying a fee to join a membership was a big step for me.”

What I’ve found, is that people are serious and they contribute. That makes a big difference. The forum is completely worth the price of admission, though of course I wish I’d joined several years ago when it was cheaper. (Ironically, it seemed too expensive to me then, but I’m sure if I’d joined then I’d be further in my

The biggest piece of value for me so far is the “critiques” section of the forum. After seeing the quality of feedback people were getting, I took the plunge and wrote a sales letter I’ve been meaning to write for almost two years. In the days after I posted I got a lot of helpful feedback that’s helping me make it stronger.
But the most important thing is that I actually got it written. Without a friendly and intelligent audience to evaluate the draft, I might never have sat down to do it.

I’m also enjoying the general discussions. As a solo entrepreneur, most of my days are spent in isolation. And because of where I live, I’m not around other similarly-minded folks. The forum is inspiring; it’s great to be in contact with other people who are working hard on their businesses and facing so many of the same challenges I am.

I just wanted to say that I’m finding the content and community in 5000bc so valuable, and I’m very glad I joined.
Joe Thoron, Eastsound, WA, USA
Judge for yourself
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