Reminder for the Uniqueness Mastery (FREE) Course—But first a case study!

If you haven’t been to sign up for the free uniqueness course yet, then you should. And here’s just one reason why. Read this case study and judge for yourself.

Hey Sean

When you first sent through the link for these videos, I dropped everything to watch them.
(Dropping everything to watch 45 minutes of video is not something I ordinarily do.)

There’s at least a negotiation with myself before I do a time consuming thing like that. Oddly enough! Not this time. As I’m watching I’m noticing my unusual behaviour and thinking that Sean did such a great job of preselling with his build up email sequence. I can’t believe I’m sitting down like a salivating dog who has to eat this bone before doing anything else! Great lesson right there).

I then watched the three videos and took notes. So that turned out to be over an hour all up. Then about 90 minutes later I sat down and thought! You know what?

Let’s run the process and follow your steps and see what happens.

Three and half pages, 45 paragraphs and less than an hour later, I ended up with a 2 word uniqueness statement and a 32 word uniqueness description.

Sean, I was S. T. U. N. N. E. D.

Stunned that I actually got one. That it was entirely unexpected (by my conscious mind). Stunned that it felt congruent. That it felt like wheels. Stunned that it felt momentous. That it felt like motion. Stunned that some blockage had been surgically removed.

At that point I was ** too stunned ** to leave a comment. So I have sat on it since then.

Actually I am now noticing that the second word, the noun is firm and settled. And I am still thinking about the first word, the verb. I’m on my 3rd verb so far. And so far the 3rd and 1st choices are the best two so far.

Amazing how closely this process makes you look at two words.

And how the choice you make determines the direction and tone of one’s uniqueness. And all else that flows from there. Now that I am more used to the uniqueness statement and description, and the stun effect is reducing, I can actually post this comment now.

When this new product and its uniqueness launches I’ll let you know. Sean, props and gratitude for your guidance, all the way from Grey Lynn.

Taura Eruera
Auckland, New Zealand

So there you have it. You actually have a live case study. So go to:
Uniqueness Mastery and fill in that form that will give you access to these amazing bonuses. And once you get them, drop everything and watch/read them right away! You will be gobsmacked! :)

Sean D'Souza

Warm regards,
P.S. Here is the link again Uniqueness Mastery

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