Website Testing Made Easy

How easy can you make website testing?
When you strip all the jargon out of testing, you get clarity.

And here are six simple messages. In cartoons (What else would you expect?)

Tortoise wins. Stop. Hare Loses Yet Again. Stop.

My comments: This was easily among my most favourite of the lot. Because it was a difficult topic. I mean how do you simplify multi-variate testing? When I drew this cartoon (and I drew this one first, before any of the others were done), then the others were relatively easier.
Who needs takeaways, eh? Especially when you can have home-delivered lunch!

Comment: This cartoon needs a t-shirt. And a person to wear that t-shirt. What else can I say? If you agree, let me know, and who knows, I might even colour this cartoon, and we’ll design a t-shirt. (Post in the comments below).

If only life were this easy...
Comment: No comment :)
Yeah bold changes. But where can I get that shirt?

Comment: Thank goodness they don’t quite make shirts like that, eh?

Tick, tock, tick, tock...
Comment: This wasn’t even an original thought. It’s actually a Google Quote. When their shares first came on the market, they spoke about how people keep watching the shares. And how it was akin to weighing yourself every few minutes.
Guess what's for dinner?
Comment: Guess what’s for dinner?

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  1. multivariate testing and digital optimization says

    I read a report this week from a top professor in the UK that said that most successful daters were those who dated people who had similar outlooks to themselves. Those who were far less careful when selecting a companion ended up having a much worse time. In other words, date the people who are most like you in character to be successful in romance. Simple really.

  2. says

    Oops, looks like a mini t-shirt revolution is starting here. :) I’m seriously going to consider putting some of these on t-shirts…based on your response.


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