Business and Marketing Strategy Workshops

You’ve done courses before. They’re just information-dumps. You get buried in a ton of notes. And then you are left more confused than ever before.

A Psychotactics course is designed for ‘consumption’.

You will learn the concepts in great detail. And you’ll have an experience like never before.

“There’s a reason I buy Psychotactics products…”

You demonstrate you know your stuff.  But in a fun, step-by-step way, I know will never be hypey.  I’ve been on your list for about 7 years and bought a few things here and there. I think it’s no coincidence that ever since I bought The Brain Audit and 5000BC in the past two years, plus investing over $6000 in your other programs since then, my income has skyrocketed.

The bottom line is this—I know I can count on YOU (your timely responses in the Cave in 5000bc, and personal emails seem superhuman). And your products to give me strategies that can help clients and myself, build a REAL sustainable business, without asking anyone to compromise their values.

John Reisinger
Tacoma, WA, United States

Why get on the Waiting List

As soon as a course is announced it gets sold out in a matters of hours.

“Sean breaks things down into steps. Just one step at a time.”

Master one aspect, then a new one, then a new one. No trying to get it all at once. In the end, your brain clicks into gear like a well trained soccer team.

Whoever gets in is one lucky person!
Elyn MacInnis

 Have a look at the Workshops and Courses

Small Business Marketing Course Psychotactics

Live Workshops

Psychotactics Small Business Workshops


Next Live Workshops: New Zealand 2017
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Headline Course—Sept 2016 
Read how to get on the waiting list.

DaVinci Cartoon Course—August 2016
Read how to get on the waiting list.

Write My Book (Info-Products)—August  2016
Email Renuka for more details:

First 50-Words Course—March 2017
This course sold out in 24 hours. Read how to get on the waiting list.

Article Writing—April 2017
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Article Writing

How To Write Articles: Article Marketing
How to stop knocking on client’s doors, and get them to call you instead!
(Learn why articles do a far superior job of attracting the clients you want–and how the right articles make you the expert in your field)
Article Writing Home Study

Website Strategy

Website Strategy Internet

If you don’t have 10,000+ customers on your mailing list, (like all those internet gurus) how are you supposed to run a profitable website business?
Website Strategy Home Study 

Information Products

How To Create Information Products Small Business Ideas

How to create knockout information products that instantly separate you from the competition, and enable you to charge higher prices.
Information Products Home Study


How To Write Articles

How to master the strategy behind attraction, conversion and consumption (even in bad times)
Customer Attraction Strategy Home Study

Compelling Copywriting

Copywriting Small Business Plan


How to write sales letters that cause customers to buy.
Compelling Copywriting Home Study

Marketing Strategy and Structure

Marketing Strategy and Structure

How To Get, Keep and Grow Clients. Learn Why Marketing ‘Doesn’t’ Work. And Why You Need Structure In Your Business!
Marketing Strategy and Structure Home Study


“Believe it! Sean’s methods work!”

I’m thrilled and astounded! By using Sean’s methods for just ONE article to get more business, we got 62 responses!

We are well on our way to meeting our revenue goals. Thanks Sean!”

Diane Winder, Marketing Manager, Educational Consulting

“I always thought I was quite good at writing articles.”

“Anyway, I decided to implement everything I learnt. At the end of the day you can’t argue with the figures – the Psychotactics methodology works.”

Approachable lawyer Aucland
Michael J Smyth, Approachable Lawyer,
Auckland, New Zealand

“You know, before I took Sean’s class, I was doing pretty well. I’d been selling out my classes for the last year and half, and my business was growing steadily. Why did I sign up?

Well, I still felt like I was stumbling around a bit every time I went to write a new web page or email- I was using a template, but not really understanding it. Plus, I had recently published a book, and the product sales felt like they were a fraction of what they could be. Even so, I wasn’t completely convinced.

I hesitated so much that by the time I signed up, I had missed the first two classes, and my schedule kept my from attending a third one. I don’t know why Sean even let me in.

Even missing those classes (I got to listen to the recordings), I learned a ton. I finally understood all the pieces of what made Sales Letters successful. And, I completely rewrote my product sales page based on what I learned, and Sean’s feedback.

Last month, I beat my sales goals of that page by 50%, and by the time I was six days into February, I had already sold a third of my January total. The results I got from this, and Sean’s seemingly inexhaustible knowledge (I hope you don’t mind me saying it, Sean, but you are a bit of a madman in the content department), convinced me to sign up for the Protege Program.”

Mark Silver
Mark Silver, USA

“I figured the Website Masterclass would be a rehashing of older material.”

Before the Website Masterclass, I had my doubts about what I could learn. I have been on 5000bc for more than a year, read the Brain Audit. So I was a little skeptical about hearing anything new; I figured it’d be a rehashing of older material.

I also didn’t know how I would swing the time away – I’ve been so busy implementing the Protege teachings, and I was concerned that this might take me off-target.

I saw the intensity in Sean’s eyes
Even before the Masterclass started, I knew I was in for something I’d never experienced before… because I met Sean in the lobby, and I saw an intensity in his eyes, a focus, a dedication – and you don’t see that in people too often–and to that degree. It made all the pieces fall into place, though, because I could now understand how Sean & Renuka have achieved all they have in such a short time.

Then, when Sean started the Masterclass, I quickly realized that this was no rehash – this was brand-new stuff. Well, 5000 years old, but brand new to me!

Everything from the style of the presentation, to the impeccable attention to every detail (not just the content of what we learned, but the systems in place around how we learned), and the incredible synergy that soon got created between all of the participants – it was quite honestly one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to – and I’ve been attending and teaching workshops for over ten years.

I don’t think I can really put into words how comprehensive and integrative the class was. We learned amazing material. We learned how to apply it to our businesses. We discussed and shared with others, so it wasn’t just direct learning, it was tangential – we were “cross-pollinated” by everyone else’s epiphanies, so the learning was exponential. It was pretty darn amazing!

The zaniness helped us learn so much
And as if Sean could be otherwise… it was just as fun and entertaining
as you can imagine that much time with Sean would be – his zany, kooky sense of humor just lit everyone up, so we were laughing as much as we were slapping our foreheads with “a-ha!” moments.

I now know that websites are about philosophy and strategy
If anyone wants not only to understand what having a website should truly be about, but wants to understand the philosophy and strategy behind a winning, everlasting business model, they should seriously grab this Masterclass as fast as they can. The notes, the audio, the presentation – it’s all first-class, top-notch material that you aren’t going to even be able to touch anywhere else.

I wish it were three weeks, instead of just three days
The only thing that bugged me was that it was only three days instead of three weeks – because we could have easily spent that much time diving into the material and exploring the possibilities of where it could take us.

Do I sound like an evangelist?

I am – this workshop completely blew my expectations out of the water, and made me a believer.

Whatever’s next – sign me up!

Adam Kayce

Adam Kayce, Berkeley Springs, WV, Spiritual GuideUSA

Sean’s not a one-trick pony!

“Everything that Sean does is focused on the structure of your business–not just the topic he’s covering. Sean doesn’t just give you the individual pieces. He’s gives you the overall structure. He’s not a one-trick pony. A lot of marketing people will give you just one piece of it. They’ll say, “This is how you can do this piece of it, or this is what you should say in the sales letter. ”

allison shields
Allison Shields,, New York, USA

“This power-packed program contains some of the best marketing and sales ideas ever discovered.”

brian tracy sales guru

Brian Tracy – Author, The Psychology of Selling.
Brian has given more then 2,000 talks and seminars to over 3 million people, and has worked with more than 500 companies worldwide. Brian Tracy has produced more than 300 audio and video learning programs covering the entire spectrum of human and corporate performance.

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