Announcing: Critical Website Components-How To Create Compelling Pages On Your Website

Do you often wonder if your home page, about us page or client
acquisition page is working at less than its full potential? These
three pages are critical to any website, and yet we often put the
content together on these pages hurriedly.

Well, “hurriedly” is the wrong word to use.
Instead we spend hours trying to get just the right content; just
the right look. And then, after hours, maybe days of frustration,
we put together something that seems right.

But is it really compelling?
Can it be more compelling?
What’s really missing? And is there a simple way to fix it–while
retaining your own voice, your own personality?

Introducing: The Website Component Series
Find out for yourself how you can spruce up the home page, about us
page and the sign up page. We deconstruct existing pages and then
in true Psychotactics-fashion reconstruct them step-by-step.

It’s an introductory price.
So have a look right away.

Warm regards,
P.S. This product is very critical if you’re just sitting down to
write your pages, but it’s even more critical if you have these
pages up, and you’ll like to improve them to help you convert more traffic.


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