How to get a FREE 30-Page Excerpt of The Brain Audit (Without Even Needing To Fill A Form)

If you’ve always wondered what The Brain Audit was all about. Or if you’ve ever wondered if this version (Version 3.2) is worth it, then here’s a way to stop wondering.

Because you can get a chunky 30 page excerpt of The Brain Audit. And it’s free.

No catches. Not even a darned form to fill.

You’ll enjoy the cartoons. You’ll enjoy the way The Brain Audit holds your attention. And you’ll learn a lot—even in just 30 pages. But let me not yada, yada.You have to get it before August 14th, 2011. Then it’s gone. So get it right away :)

There is a deadline though.

You have to get it before May 26, 2012. Then it’s gone. So get it right away :)
The Brain Audit Download

Warm regards from Auckland


P.S. The deadline is August 14th, 2011. So get it now.
The Brain Audit Download


  1. Jewel Wolfe says

    Thank you Shaun for this Brain Aduit it is verry special and i would love to be able to save it but i understand why you would not want any one to do that.I have RA in my hands and it hurts to try to write and when i do i can’t read my own writting ,I love your Cartoons You are verry good at that also.thank you for all information you share in your News Letters I enjoy them all. thank you again.
    Sincerely Jewel

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