How to get FREE: Two Brain Audit Audio Files

Brain Audit Audio Download

Last week you got a chunky 30-page excerpt of The Brain Audit. This week you can get two short five-minute audio files. These short audios will teach you two very important lessons which you can implement straight away.

What you will learn:
1) What is the difference between ‘The Solution’ and ‘Your Solution’ ?

2)  How to write a tag-line.

There is a deadline though. You have to get it before May 26th, 2012. Then it’s gone. So get it right away. :)

Either download it, or listen online.

Here are the links: (It may take a few minutes to play)

Solution Vs Your Solution

How to Create A Tagline

So what’s the reason behind this generosity?
Well I sure want you to see how The Brain Audit can help you in your business. That’s the one good reason :)

Sean D'Souza Author The Brain Audit

P.S. Don’t forget to download the audio before May 26th, 2012.

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