How To Write Better Headlines With One Thought

Most of us never know why our headlines aren’t working like they should. And we listen to all those fruitcakes who tell us how to write ‘better’ headlines. Hey, you don’t need to listen to anyone. You just need to focus on one thing. If you tell me one thing in your headline, I’ll listen. If you tell me three, then I have to juggle three thoughts. And that’s where the headline goes downhill. In trying to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.

Watch the video below, because it explains the one-thought concept, so that you can implement that one-thought right away.

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  1. allan says


    Thanks for the vid. Interesting to put a voice to the emails.

    Had to comment though… the one thought I’m left with — more than the “one thought” thought — is “what’s with the plastic sheep?”

    Can’t help but think it served a secret purpose, and trying to figure out the purpose is superseding the lesson.

    Take care!

  2. Anthony says

    Let’s not discount the most famous two-though headline of them all: “How to win friends and influence people”.

    Interesting site – provocative content.

  3. says

    You’ve got a problem if your product is so original. More original stuff has fallen by the wayside than you can imagine. It’s easier for people to buy stuff that they know as ‘tested’ by others. The more unique the product, the more you’re going to have to educate your public. Education is a very costly exercise, and quite time consuming as well.

    But anyway, getting back to your question: What has one thought got to do with a narrow niche? If it’s that narrow, it’s still going to be solving a very narrow problem (Problems have hierarchies). What’s the highest on the hierarchy? That’s what you need to put in the headline.

  4. says

    What about if your product is unique in it’s entirety? Could you use the fact that there is no where else in world a product that covers your topic because it is such a narrow niche?

  5. says

    Thanks for the video.I don’t want to be mean and generalize,but most people I run across can only process one thought at a time anyway!So your point is well done!I tend to ramble in my posts.I’ll focus more on this one thought!

  6. says

    So what were the other tips for writing headlines? It seemed like you only had one in that whole video 😉

    After getting your emails for years, its nice to see you in person, Sean. Keep it up!


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