Sean's Birthday Surprise

Sean D'Souza Baby Picture

Hi, this is Renuka. And if you’re reading this post you’re more than likely to have received an email from me. (I’ve posted the email below, if you haven’t already read it).

But if you have, then here’s what I’d like you to do:

1) Wish Sean for his upcoming 40th birthday by posting a comment.
2) Let him know how he’s helped you/inspired you (or anything else you wish to say).
3) Remember to post your name, city and country as well as part of the comments.

Note: Your comment won’t be visible right away, and no, Sean won’t get to see the comments too, until his birthday. All comments will go directly to my email address. Sean already knows I’m doing this, and the ‘surprise’ is him getting to read your comments on Nov. 2.  So be sure to post right away :)

– Renuka

The original email was as follows:

Sean’s turning 40 on November 2. :)
And I’d like to surprise him–with your help, of course.

So here’s what I did. I set up a blog post at

And here’s what I’d like you to do:
1) If you’d like to write something to Sean and wish him, it would be great.
2) He particularly likes to know about things that have worked for you, so if
you have a great story as a result of reading an article, or using a product,
please post your story.

Now admittedly it’s impossible to keep the blog post a surprise from Sean,
because he’s always answering posts etc. But since it’s my idea, he’s promised
he won’t read any of the comments till his birthday on Nov 2.

I’ve even changed the comments approval password on the blog to my
email address, so that he can’t sneak in and check the comments.

So if you’d like to say something to Sean go to:
(And do remember to put in your name and your city/country on the post,
so Sean knows who’s posted when he does get down to reading the posts.
If you know Sean well, he’ll read every single post).

Thanks again.

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  1. says


    Happy belated Birthday! You’re the best: not only do I look forward to reading your newsletter, but I deeply treasure every bit of correspondence and personal interaction I’ve had with you. What a treat to read how many people’s lives you have touched through your consulting and friendship. Thanks for including me in this group.

    -Jeff Sexton

  2. says

    Hi Sean,

    Three years ago, I stumbled across your website at a time when I was almost completely bankrupt.

    Financially and emotionally. It’s not something I talk about.

    When I started to apply what I learned from The Brain Audit though, my business turned around. And that gave me the hope I needed to stay the course.

    I’m really not sure what would have happened had we not crossed paths.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into making your information and insights available.

    Happy 40th Birthday Sean!

    All my best.

    Tim Harrelson
    Charleston, South Carolina

  3. Alta says

    Sean, I wish you joy and abundance.
    You are brilliant and talented.
    We are all meant to shine, as children do and you unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

    Happy Birthday!

    Alta le Roux
    South Africa

  4. Arturo Sayegh says

    Hi Sean,

    Happy B-Day!

    Welcome to the 5th Decade :-)

    Remember what Jack Benny said once…”Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

    Given what a mind you have … I guess you shall be Okay 😉

    Arturo Sayegh
    A World Citizen

  5. says


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have the best day possible. And many more to follow.

    You’ve been a big help to me and I appreciate all your generosity. I’m very glad to have stumbled upon your work. And to have someone like you to guide me along.

    Thanks from all of us here in Brooklyn.

    The Charests – Dave, Reese, Emily and Jonnie

  6. Noel Rodrigue says

    Hey le jeune! Bonne fête … 40 ans ça s’arrose alors vas pour un autre tour à l’eau ou … une autre margarita!

    Of everyone I’ve read of a bit or better, you’re the one I come back to with pleasure and serenity. Simplicity, clarity, deviousness (call it a ‘grin’), honesty, etc. you’ve played this with your cards on the table and with a total readiness to help.

    I’ve been reading, along with others, for ‘a while’ now (make that better than 5 years) and never get disappointed or pressured, no ‘last minute’, ‘server down’ (though it has happened to everyone’s chagrin) tactics and always with this smile at the end … including the bug crawling the bottom of the page.

    So have a really great day today/tomorrow (grrrr time zones), enjoy everything life (or Renuka) brings you and come back with your laugh ready and rested!


  7. says

    Thank you all, for your wonderful wishes. I was up at 6:00 am today after the party broke up at about midnight last night. Thanks again, and I’ll try and get in touch with all of you to thank you individually. :)

    Ok, time to get the house in order now, and settle in for a nice breakfast.

  8. paul wolfe says

    Hey Sea

    If you’re true to form and getting up at 4 am you should be waking up any minute to the fact that you’re now officially 40!

    Happy birthday from the UK – I hope you’re taking time out to enjoy yourself, be with your loved ones etc.

    Looking forward to the next mind twisting Infoproduct assignment!

    Speak to ya tuesday – have a great day man


  9. says

    Happy Birthday Sean

    and thanks for all I have learned from you.

    Since I aligned with your BA-Approach, I doubled and even tripled my Course- an Coaching Fees.

    Your Article Writing Course changed the way I think and lead me asking better questions, writing better articles, making better business.

    You’re really doing Great Work.

    Thanks :)

    Ralf from Fulda/Germany

  10. says

    Happy 40th Birthday Sean!

    I have enjoyed reading and learning from
    your articles and wisdom the past few years.

    Your willingness to help others, and
    your passion for marketing has been
    truly appreciated.

    I wish you a wonderful birthday,
    and many many many more
    wonderful years ahead.

    Wishing you continued success,


  11. Luuk says

    Lessons from Sean.
    In 28 keywords (*) :

    Frodo (behind each mountain there’s another one waiting), the magic power of three, structure, consistency, the 3 prong, target profile, plans vs. planning, generosity, sharing, ideas vs system, article writing, the Treadmill, daily reading, Calvin, positivity, calling by surprise, time off, discipline, red flag even prospects, mind mapping, business card, starting as a fraud, three core competencies, content and packaging, overcoming gravity, perseverance, the impostor effect, deconstruction.

    (almost) every single day since Dec. 9th 2004

    (* 70% remember!?)

    Happy birthday !

    Luuk, lurker, Belgium

  12. says

    Happy Birthday Sean!

    Gee, with all these nice comments about you being posted by everyone, it kind of feels like a eulogy. You’re not sick with an incurable disease are you :)

    The three problems about reaching 40 are…

    1. You take more bathroom breaks.
    2. Your memory starts to go
    3. Umm… the three problems about reaching 40 are… :)

    What I have found and truly appreciate is Sean is genuine. When he talks about caring for and protecting his client… he stands by it.

    When he says he will give you full information… he does it.

    He does it all egoless too! When I first joined the cave, I was hesitant to post a strong disagreement with something Sean had said. I emailed him privately, and gave him my opinion. He asked me to post it in the cave and made it very clear opinions contrary to what he says are always welcome.

    That is a very confident leadership quality that should be emulated by everyone!

    Thanks Sean!


  13. says

    Happy birthday Sean.

    You’re unique in that you genuinely seem to care about your visitors and not just making a buck… which is always nice:)

    Thank you for being you, I’ve learned alot from you and hope one day to repay some of that.

    Columbus, Ohio (by way of Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.:)

  14. Hellmar says

    Happy birthday Sean!

    Ever since I came across one of your cartoons, I’ve been an eager reader of your blog and it helps me a lot in my daily business. It’s just everything brought to the point so well, and fun to read!

    Wish you all the best for your future


  15. says

    What is this — only 40? You little punk!

    Sean, I hold you fully responsible for launching me squarely into this wild world of internet marketing. With the road map that you laid out in the Website Masterclass (nearly a year and a half ago, for me), you gave me the clarity, confidence and enthusiasm I needed to take my foot off the brakes and just GO FOR IT! I’m glad I did.

    I so appreciate that I met you when I did and that I was able to go to Campbell and take this journey with your guidance.

    I wish you a happy, happy 40th! May you enjoy many margaritas and kiwi chocolate bars!

    Becky DeGrossa
    Boulder, CO USA

    P.S. Now that I’m almost through it, I can say that the decade ahead of you is even better. Hold on tight and enjoy the heck out of it!

  16. says

    Hi Friend,

    You have been my mentor.
    But more than that I feel you are my friend.

    A person who can basically I feel I can count on.
    A person how basically will give me he’s best advice.
    A person who cares about me, and about my success.

    And the same vice versa. :)

    You are turning 40. But to me your are turning 6.
    The six years Pshychotactics has.
    The 6 years since the religion started.
    So, you are baby with 40 professional brain, and a heart of a grandfather.
    And we are just new born babies.

    You still have a long run and too much to give.
    There is too much people that still haven’t meet you and they need.
    Helpfully you have your three months of vacations to recharge your batteries.
    Because batteries are what you need to live the next 94 years.

    And I now I will spoke by myself others followers.
    We need your coaching and guidelines until we became you or we became better than you.
    Then you can take vacations forever. :)
    That we will take care of spreading the religion word.

    Thanks for sharing with me all your learning and guidelines to help me out became a better person and better professional,

    And Happy birthday …

    From the Caribbean, Venezuela.

    Drinking Margarita from the Los Roques Island. :)


  17. says

    Happy birthday, Sean!!!!!

    I don’t do marketing for profit; I am in the health promotion business but I find many of your missives enlightening and helpful. I have sent many of your missives forward to other Community Wellness Advocates who are trying to promote health and wellness in their small communities in Southeast Alaska.

    I also liked the publishing / self-publishing, but only for the idea that we have so many ideas and concepts to share to change the health of the indigenous people.

    Thanks for sharing what you have learned.

    I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and each day that follows continues to bless you!

  18. says


    Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you reached your goal!

    You are really the best! You have taken our business out of the dark and into a great place. You have consistently earned my trust and respect.

    I wish you much continued success and a wonderful birthday. Thank you for your wisdom and playfulness.

    Warm Regards,

    Penelope Melas-Lee
    Two Frogs Healing Center

  19. says

    Happy Happy Birthday Sean!!

    You are the best teacher I’ve ever had. When I was floundering and had no direction, you showed the path to me. And gave me clarity.

    I shudder to think where I would have been today had our paths not crossed. Maybe working for some 9-to-5 boring job living a mediocre un-fun life.

    You were the one who asked me to start writing. You literally forced me to write my first ebook (thank you for that). You have always been there to let me know if I’m going in the right direction or not. And you’ve always forced me to have higher standards and expectations of myself.

    When times are good, you are a voice of reason. And when times are not so good, you are always giving hope and realistic advice. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a piece of advice from you that has not been absolutely fantastic.

    Thank You Sean for being an awesomely bright shiny light in my life. Thank You for all the illumination and enlightenment you’ve given – not only to me – but to thousands of other people.

    You rock!

    May You live a very long and prosperous life!

  20. says

    Although I only know you from your website, e-books and newsletter, I want to say that you are a true inspiration. Not only in the invaluable knowledge you bring to all parts of the world (we’re based in Holland). But especially for the way you communicate and encourage us to o things differently, with a smile on our faces. Really hope to hear lots of you in the second part of your life! Cheers! Ewald Verhoog, Amsterdam Holland

  21. Cisca says

    HaPpY hAPpY bIrThDaY, Sean!!

    The best compliment I can pay you, Sean, is that in a crowded field of IMers, you are unique. You have a unique perspective that resonates (and works!) and you have a unique style to convey it.

    Stay brilliant!

  22. says

    Hi Sean
    What a lovely thoughtful and considerate partner you have in Renuka!
    I turned 40 in February and am leaving for India and landing in Kolcutta on Nov 3.
    As far as what has most impressed me about your work I think it is focusing on and discussing “The Problem” when preparing materials for clients – building rapport, trust and understanding – so thanks for that.
    Happy Birthday and hopefully see you after I return.
    best regards
    Harley M Storey

  23. says

    Sean! Happy birthday! You sucker, I beat you to it by a little over a month (August 23 was my 40th ;-))

    I hope you know how much I appreciate you and what you’ve done. A huge portion of my business success and personal satisfaction is a result of things I learned from you and implemented (perhaps in my own twisted, hippy-ish, spiritual-wierdo way, but they still worked!).

    You rock. You totally rock. I send you love, and blessings and appreciation and gratitude, and hopes that you best and most favorite students are still to come, you teacher you.


  24. says

    A phenomenal convergence of factors made 1968 the year that rocked my world like no other because it sent ordinary mankind hurtling into the control seat of life. Vietnam, Kennedy, Apollo, the moon, Mohammad Ali, Soviets, Cuba, Castro, the plight of the biafran, totalitarianism, civil rights… and Sean d’Souza forty years on and still influencing the evolution of mankind!

    Love your stuff Sean, the workshops, the early morning seminars, the newsletter, the new ideas, the brilliance.

    Thanks for making me look really smart in my world…and for ALWAYS answering my email messages!

  25. says

    Reading your material and newsletters over the past few years has completely changed the way I think about marketing…and myself.

    Now that I’ve ready your stuff, not only do I know how to make a persuasive case for my own causes (whether business related or simply an attempt to change someone’s mind), I’m also much more aware of why I do things and think things the way I do – why some things appeal to me and why others don’t, why some pitches work and why others fall flat).

    In short, you’ve not only taught me to be a better marketer, you’ve also taught me how to be a more careful, enlightened and aware consumer (of things, yes, but also of ideas, arguments and even my own culture) by showing me what makes the human mind tick. That may not have been your intent, but it’s a very valuable tool for me, as a human being, to have. And for that, I thank you.

  26. says

    Hi Sean:

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day with your family and friends. Forty years! It’s a milestone in life. I hope you’ll be the same fit and well until 90, at least. Yoga will help, of course. About your articles and education, they are great and help very much. You have the rare gift of be able to penetrate easily until the core of a subject and to express your thoughts in a very pleasant and friendly manner. Go on Sean! The world needs people like you. Regards,

    Antonio – Barcelona, Spain

  27. says

    I’ve often referred to your “business card design” article over the years. I now use many of your marketing approaches to help my heritage rail clients “keep the trains running.” Thank you, and happy birthday!

  28. says

    Happy Birthday Sean!

    Thanks for sharing your unique perspective in your own way. You’ve made some difficult concepts really easy to grasp and implement.

    Here’s to another forty (or two)! 😉



  29. says


    Happy 40th!

    I remembered when I first joined.

    There was some problems getting into the Premiums,
    you guys took care of it right away. That was a good two
    years ago. Your brain audit is dead on and I like the
    premium items . I use to hate public speaking your
    articles on that cured that. Now its no problem, because like everything else there is a systematic way to prepare.

    Happy Birthday!

  30. says

    Happy birthday, Sean!

    I must admit, the notion of getting something past you has a lot of appeal. 😉

    I think the biggest way in which you’ve helped me is by showing me how to take much better care of my clients while earning a better living. Your consumption distinction is invaluable, and has inspired me both to improve my work and to let 70% be good enough.

    Truly, it’s nearly impossible to summarize how you have affected me and my business. I make decisions differently. I am more comfortable in my own skin than ever. And I no longer have any excuses for not working smart and from the heart.

    Thank you so very much.

  31. says

    Happy Birthday Sean.

    As a birthday surprise, I’d love to tell you my latest info product is done. But it’s not. However, I figured out the strategy I’m going to use to get it written before I hit my own next birthday while turning the compost pile tonight. :) It’s wonderful how the subconscious mind works in the background to solve a problem.

    I want to thank you for sharing your brilliant mind with us. I’m continually amazed by how you make the complex simple. Thank you.

    Enjoy your 40s. They don’t last long enough.

  32. Francois says

    You know, I was thinking about something original to say, but you said somewhere: don’t sleep over it, just do it. Wonderful advice for me!
    Thank you for that, and a happy birthday!

  33. Pryvitanka says

    Happy birthday, Sean!
    They say: “What you you get back”. I should say you’ve guaranteed the best feedback for yourself! I wish you good luck!

    I started my “voyage” through your web-site from your article “Is nature a marketing guru” and it changed my mind. Now I have been reading and reading… I never thought that I was able to write something myself, but your articles inspired me, new ideas came and… I wrote an article! People liked it. Wonderful! :))) The most wonderful things are ahead.

    Thank you :-)

  34. Paul Mitchell says

    Hi Sean,

    Everyday we still refer to your ideas and concepts. You have helped give birth to so many new ideas.

    So now on your “birth”day, I am sending you all my thoughts for a new “birth” of your own.

    Happy Birthday
    Paul Mitchell

  35. Marco Martinez says

    Sean, feliz cumpleaños y como decimos en Mexico: muchos dias de estos, es decir que tengas muchos cumpleaños. Te desea tu amigo Marco Martinez

  36. Tracey says

    Good Day Sean and many happy returns to you!

    I have been reading your articles for the past 3 years and always find something that makes me think about the direction I am going in with my career and how to better serve my clients. I really appreciate all that you share and I recently purchased the full Brain Audit….although I haven’t finished going through all the articles I have found great value in what I have read so far. Thanks again and Happy Birthday!

    Vancouver Island, Canada

  37. says

    happy birthday, Sean!

    when i ask something, you responded to me in that moment! i ask again and i called you automatic answer machine… :)

    in two mails you try to tell me is not any machine, you did it!

    was a pleasure, is a pleasure to read and study psychotactics. i am here, you there… long distance but sometime i fell all of you right in my room!

    you are good!

    cristian gache from romania

    ps: sean, i wish you: long live, good luck, health and money, all rest you can buy!!!

  38. says


    I’m pleased for the excuse to let you know how much I appreciate your style.

    Your content seemed to “hit the spot” and I look forward to putting your
    ideas into an action plan for my small group of companies.
    Keep up the snippets of positive thinking on a regular basis, they’re really
    refreshing! I can’t think that your arriving at the ripe old age of 40 will
    deter you from sharing your “stuff”!

    Best regards, Chris Butt
    Lincolnshire, England

  39. Tracey-Lee says

    Happy Birthday Sean, have a fantastic day.
    I’ve been reading your material since you were “millionbucks” and have learnt a lot over the six years I’ve been a subscriber. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate it.


  40. says

    G’Day Sean… happy 40th!

    Don’t believe what other people say: the best years are in front of you. I should know because I’ve racked up a few + 40’s!

    I’m enjoying “The Brain Audit” as I proofread it. Your writing style is very easy and entertaining.

    David Walshe

  41. J Bryant says

    I only found your great website a few weeks ago, but have completely devoured everything available since! ….Now I just have to tweak my training budget a little to fit in the rest of the available resources! :-)

    Thanks so much for everything, and Happy Birthday!

  42. Jaimie Field says

    Sean – as one of the first people who came to Psychotactics in 2002; shocked that you sent an actual, personal response to my first email, I am thrilled to be one of the people to wish you a Happy Birthday. May this birthday bring you every thing you want including many more successful years!

    Happy Birthday!

    Jaimie Field

  43. says

    Forty?! Are you kidding? I agree with Gabor; you must be at least 5,000! Thanks for your wisdom, your insight, your good humor, your professionalism, and most of all your friendship.

    Happy Birthday!

  44. says

    Happy 40th birthday, Sean:
    Firstly my best wishes to you, Renuka, and your family.

    For several years now I’ve followed Sean’s teachings. They are wonderful, especially for a technical person like myself and our company. In all cases, they’ve helped us grow and develop.

    I’ve also attended Sean’s workshop 2 years ago. Sean really delivers and the way he gets others to participate provides a very enriching experience.

    I appreciate the help Sean & Renuka have given. Again, happy birthday Sean.

    Craig Fisher
    President & CEO
    Solid Innovation, Inc.

  45. says

    Hey buddy, Happy Birthday.

    What to say, other than that you’ve been quite an inspiration, mentor, trailblazer, friend, and forehead-slap-instigator for me. I’ll forever be grateful.

    You’ve helped me learn marketing, sure. You’ve saved me squillions that I would’ve probably wasted on lame-o advice that would’ve gotten me nowhere. And, I’ll never leave an airport without all seven red bags in my life, thanks to you.

    But perhaps the greatest lesson I’ve learned from you has been to be true to myself, to let my uniqueness come out, and not erase that which makes me unique in the name of being “professional”. I’m a zanier person because of you, and that’s a heck of a compliment.

    Thanks again for all you’ve done and all you do, and have a great birthday.

    Yours truly,
    Adam Kayce
    (currently still in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, USA)

  46. says

    Hi Sean,

    I’ve been a reader for quite a while in the UK, and despite the culural divide across the world it seems to me that you’re pretty i tune with the way people respond over hear as well.

    I like the energy that exudes from every page of text that you write and I’m amazed that the light hearted content is just as entertaining on this side of the world.

    It could be, however, that you are completely out of step with the rest of the world, just in step with me… But I doubt it.

    Have a really nice day.. Wow 40… what did I do when I was 40?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the South of England!

  47. Loy Correa says

    Hi Sean
    Happy Birthday from Thelma and myself. You have inspired so many and I know you will continue to teach people to reach for the sky

    Have a BLAST and a wonderful celebration

    Loy & Thelma Correa

  48. Md. Faruquzzaman says

    Happy birtday, Sean.

    I have learned a lot from your website. I think your articles are really fabulous in terms of simplicity, innovation and pervasiveness.


  49. Jason Stein says

    With words like PsychoTatics and BrainAudit you know Sean you’re a creative genius.

    Although I still occasionally try to ride more than one wave at a time, I’ve appreciated your ability to make extremely complex business structures simple.

    And with a photo like yours – I know you’re always peaceful like a Yogi – right :-)

    Happy 4-0 my friend.

  50. says

    Hi Sean. Happy 40th! This birthday is a milestone for many. A chance to look back. A chance to look forward. Since you’re improving as you age, you’ve got lots to anticipate in the future.

    I’ve been a reader for several months and find your ideas insightful and well-expressed. I’m still captivated by your post about publishing vs self-publishing ( You’re indeed right that we’ll pay more for material in a bland binder than for a nicely published book. We’ll pay more for a small, chilled bottle of coke than a larger bottle. The package matters.

    All the best on your special day and in the years to come.

  51. says

    Goody, some of those comments sneaked through (Gabor’s posted on this blog before, so his comment didn’t need to go through the approval process). But Renuka says there are loads of other comments and wishes left for me to read.

    This suspense is killing me. :)

  52. says

    Long before Jeff Walker began teaching about product launches, I’d learnt it from Sean D’Souza’s “16 week free course”

    Before the Membergate boys began teaching about membership sites, I had already modelled my own from Sean’s 5000bc.

    Way before Rich Schefren began teaching about business processes, Sean had filled our minds with Structure.

    If I want to know what’s going to happen in the industry 2-3-4 year from now, I just read this guy.

    And he’s only 40? Come on. His shirt, maybe. But a mind like this must be at least 5000 years old :)

  53. says

    Greetings and Happy Birthday!

    I don’t have a remarkable story (yet) but I am still trying and a part of my persistance is down to the inspiring stories and valuable insight that you share.

    best regards,

  54. says

    Hi Sean… :-)
    Happy, Happy Birthday!

    Aye. You have inspired the growth of my business from the roots up… Totally motivated the change in my way of thinking.

    I now have the pleasure of passing on your insights to others – which is always appreciated :-)

    Hahaha.. you have no idea how much I resisted your methods initially… but I kept being redirected to your knowledge, so thank you.

    Thank you for persevering with your truths.

    Jacqui Olliver
    Auckland, NZ

  55. says

    Happy Birthday!
    I am a fairly new subscriber but I am really enjoying learning how the brain works in response to different marketing methods. I especially like all your comparisons – it makes it all easy to understand.
    I’ve also enjoyed being your friend on Facebook.
    Thanks Sean!

  56. says

    Happy B-Day Sean! Would that we all had partners in our businesses as wonderful as yours, right?

    Your articles make me think, and when I think my brain cells work. And when my brain cells work, they forget to succumb to the ravages of time and bad nutrition.

    So thank you for the gift of time and confidence. It’s a virtuous cycle that feeds on itself brilliantly. And you are still the world’s best example for me!

    Your friend,
    Steve Washer

  57. Rev. John E. McNalley says

    I’m Reverend John E. McNalley, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, and have been getting your e-mails for a long time now. I’ve found them to be extremely informative and have downloaded enough of them to make into a book (Which I won’t do, of course). But I use them for reference many, many times. I must say, I admire your unique mental acuity… a fantastic asset which not very many people have. Although I’ve never purchased anything from you… yet… I am always very pleased when your next e-mail arrives as I know I’m about to learn something more. What amazes me is how easily you can see past the complexities of any situation and nail down the basic, simple core. You just keep right on doing what you’ve been doing and I know God will bless you as you continue to bless everyone else. And take that lovely wife of yours in your arms, smother her with kisses… and tell her how much she really means to you. That’s the best way I can suggest to make your birthday extra-special.

  58. Diana says

    Hey Sean, Happy Birthday man, I just love the monthly newsletter with those little tidbits that help me think clearer from time to time.

    and as always Vote McCain! He’s for enterprise and business!

  59. says

    I find Sean consistently one of the wisest marketers on the planet: a rare combination of street smarts, deep psychology, copywriting savvy, ethical principles, and good old fashioned FUN.

    I’ve reprinted several of his articles–with permission, of course–on Down to Business magazine (on the website, and have steered many people to check out his stuff.

    In fact, just the other day I tried to follow him on Twitter–but he wasn’t there.

    Shel Horowitz, award-winning author of five marketing books including Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First and Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World

  60. says

    Dear Sean,

    Happy 40th birthday!!! from San Diego, California. I am a consumer behavior researcher and innovation coach, your thoughts, books, newsletters and ideas have helped me a lot to keep things simple and effective. Your common sense is uncommon and that is what makes you a great source of inspiration. Keep on doing that for other 40 years!!!

  61. says

    Sean’s simple clarity coupled with his acute sense of structure has brought to light deep truths that many of today’s marketing gurus are not able to bring out. Your step-by-step approach to things have made my whole company look, feel lighter and yet more professional. You’re a gift to marketers the world over.Happy birthday!

  62. says

    Happy Birthday Sean! Your teaching has made me look at website design in a whole new way, and your penetrating insights into how the world around us works, and how we can work at our most effective with our fellow human beings is nothing short of amazing. I love your work!

    David Rothwell, Berkshire UK
    Website Student

  63. Lydia says

    Happy Birthday, Shaune!

    I know you’ll have even greater things coming for you in the years ahead.

    I’m still “learning” and keep going back to the materials from your coaching sessions – so much great material – and I really got a lot out of them.

    Have a wonderful birthday and many more happy and productive years!

    Ocala, Florida USA

  64. Philip Wong says

    Dear Sean

    Happy Four-Oh and Many Happy Returns.

    I have no comments on your products as I haven’t bought any yet (I have my reasons).

    When I do, you will know about it.

    Once again, Happy Birthday.

    Philip Wong.
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  65. says

    I only recently found phycotactics through an article posted in the members area of “SiteBuildIt!”. The article was called “Turning Tears To Gold”. I was so moved by that article that I decided to start a blog around a book I bought used for $1 called “How To Find The Work You Love”.

    I haven’t promoted it at all yet but it is already getting traffic as it seems many people are looking for a way to express their passions and creativity through their work instead of just earning a living.

    See, when I first got started online, my only purpose was to generate leads for my network marketing business. But in doing so I had to learn how the psychology behind how and why people buy.

    Sean is obviously someone who understands that on such a basic level that it is simply amazing!

    I’ve been able to use Sean’s articles to better serve my own potential prospects and define an even grater purpose for my Internet Networking endeavors.

    Thank you so much Sean and Happy (re)Birthday on this day and everyday!


  66. says

    Hi Sean

    Happy 40th! Just saying thanks for the wonderful work over the last few years – you’ve had some brilliant insights, which have helped us a lot in mapping our way to online success.

    Best wishes, and have a great time!

    James Manktelow, London, UK.

  67. biren shah says

    happy b’day sean…

    i really look forward to reading your articles… and i love them.
    i especially enjoy the way – wit-h-wit – you write.
    though i have (right now) no use for – or no way to use – your guidance/teachings, they serve a larger purpose…
    what you share is helping me build a larger picture of effective communication, and how we humans respond to words etc.

    thanks. and have a great day.

  68. says

    Hey Mister 39 and holding! I always knew I was on the right track and reading from pschotactics has confirmed this too me!, many thanks, have a great day, have a great year, have a great birthday day.
    Best Regards,
    Paulene Angela

  69. says

    Hi Sean,

    happy birthday in advance.:)
    Like to say i read all your post very seriously and enjoy it a lot as it is not only the usual blog post related to marketing but it is presented in a way that it seems like a recipie.

    Thanks Sean keep up this Vitamin for a Search Engine marketer like me


  70. Reg Pakari says

    Happy Birthday Sean, your work deserves a nobel prize or the equivalent thereof. I’ll tell you why. The benefits of your work extend far deeper than just adding value to our work. It changes the lives of us subsribers and in so doing it gives us the power of saying we know a little more than our competitors and that gives a confidence to keep developing as companies and individuals and THAT changes the lives of our families. Enjoy your birthday. After all, it is the day that the universe was blessed with your existence.

  71. says

    Hey Sean,

    Think you are doing great stuff! Keep the ideas flowing…

    May you release a book, that reaches the status of one of Seth Godin’s!

    Abhishek, Mumbai, India

  72. says

    I enjoy reading Sean’s articles and use many of the ideas. My favourite is the one on the use of connectors.

    I get value from the brain audit and use the first 3 red bags as the basis of most of the marketing work I do.

    Happy 40th Sean!

    Tony from Wellington, NZ

  73. says

    Hey Sean,

    Happy Birthday!

    I have been a newsletter subscriber for 3 years and have also read the Brain Audit.

    Just wanted to say Happy Birthday and Renuka, this is a terrific idea.

    Raj Mumbai

  74. Jon P. says


    I’m a branding consultant who’s been in the advertising and marketing business for a number of years. So, many of the things you write about aren’t exactly new ideas to me. But I’m not a writer by trade, and the way you have framed those ideas in the Premium Brain Audit have made them more useful to me.

    Recently, I was working on a document to help a technology company re-brand their software that was the centerpiece of a large presentation. The Brain audit inspired me to find an emotional edge in the positioning statements that made them more powerful and more relevant. Thanks for your insights and your unique way of expressing them.

    And Happy Birthday!

  75. says

    Happy Birthday Sean! Great baby pic!!

    As always I enjoy reading every article you write and I’m not sure what direction my marketing would have taken if it wasn’t for studying your material.
    I might still be wandering around trying to figure out all of this.

    You’re always genuine, easy to relate to and helpful if I need it.

    You were one of the first marketing sites I ran into back in 2004 when I was starting and as soon as I studied your material I was on track.

    I remember after my first year in business, you emailed to tell me that things get exciting around the 3rd year and beyond and you weren’t a kidding!

    I love your cartoons and enjoy your work and still learn new things when I log in to cruise the cave.

    So I hope on your birthday Renuka or Ooga, buys you something you’ve always wanted….!

    So thanks again and Happy Big 4-0

    Cheers from a land not too far from yours!

    Jody J Steeg
    Alaminos, Philippines (or Canada…)

  76. says

    yes sean has helped me clear my vision on many things and though i have not used any of the tactics professionally i am looking forward to use them in my next venture.
    he has been very good and his work is like a GOD sent gift to me
    i am surely thankful to him for providing such a quality content for no fees ?
    thanking you

  77. Mike Jenkins says

    Many Happy returns Sean.

    I turned 46 on 17th Oct, so birthdays are fresh in my mind.

    Many will say that 40 is a big one and from here it is all downhill … true, only if you choose to let it be so.

    Have a wonderful day and may you continue to bring forth your particular brand of promotion.

  78. says

    happy 40 buddy. life begins to take a new turn and the pace and the space changes. you have some super attitude and products and ideas and guess what you have honed them so well. And the best part is you can convince anyone especially with your cartoons. what a combo you are – so have a great time and enjoy the pace and the space that comes with 4=+. A new High way and may all your wishes come true !!! Like I said to someone after 40 thinks become things!!

  79. says

    Several years ago, about 2001, I was in a tailspin. I was working myself to death, my wife of 8 years had decided our marriage was over, and I was feeling very sorry for myself. I stumbled across your website and your positive messages of hope and inspiration. I bought a few of your ebooks. I sent you an email or two and you kindly and patiently “counseled” me back to rationality. Thank you, Sean, for inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to live their dreams but stay balanced in the process. You exemplify Emerson’s law of compensation (givers gain).

    Happy Birthday!
    Chuck Morris
    Knoxville, TN, USA

  80. Semone Brisson says


    Happy 40th !! I’ve been reading your e-mails for YEARS. I’m an accountant — not a marketing professional, but I do like to write…and I find your columns intriguing. I’ve learned more from you over the years than — well — than, uh, dog poop on my feet!
    Happy B-day! Live it up.

  81. says

    Hi there Sean,
    Thank you so much for your inspirational emails
    that make their way into the inbox on a regular basis. They are always encouraging, genuine food for thought.
    Have an awesome 40th. I wish you everything that you wish for yourself and your family.
    Thanks for being you.
    Jean Barr

  82. says

    Bon anniversaire, Sean! (I have to use French because when you read this, I’ll be in Paris!)

    Just by being you, you’ve helped me stay motivated to complete my first info product, which will be available in a couple of weeks. You have a very special sense of things, and I say that because your material always seems dialed in for maximum helpfulness. Your work is not only intelligent, effective, and spot-on, it’s heartful. (You must have had great parents.)
    The unique way you write has helped me pull my own material up from a most authentic place in myself, and the value of that simply cannot be quantified.
    Thank you for being a positive force on the planet, and very best wishes for a spectacular year to come.
    Suzanna Stinnett
    San Francisco

  83. says

    40, eh? I guess you’re old enough now to REALLY be an expert! :-)

    Congratulations on your milestone birthday. I’ve always enjoyed your outstanding ideas…and the great style with which you present them.

    From the Psychotactics newsletter to The Brain Audit to the Treadmill coaching, I’ve continually learned new ideas, gained a better perspective on the how people think, and become a better marketer as a result of your efforts.

    Keep up the great work…and congrats again!

    David Searns
    Haley Marketing Group
    Williamsville, NY USA

  84. says

    Happy Birthday Sean. 40 huh?

    Been there done that, I can tell you it only gets better.

    I get mountains of email, but yours, I always read. Good stuff all of it.

    Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.


  85. says


    Happy 40th birthday! It’s rare to feel like you know somebody you’ve never spoke to directly. I’ve read every word on your website and your love, creativity and heartfelt message never fails to shine.

    Your work just gets better with age. So here’s to many more years.

    All the best,
    Jesse Boland
    Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

  86. says

    Hi Sean,

    Wishing you a very happy birthday.

    I enjoy reading your newsletter. They provide a refreshing approach to communication (not just marketing). This is driven by a good understanding of how human mind works (or does not work). I wish you well for the future.

    Vaib Gangan
    Managing Editor
    The Global Indian magazine

  87. says

    Happy Birthday Sean!

    A couple of years ago some nutty New Zealander told me: “You have to teach people what you know so you are no longer dependent on consulting alone.”

    “No way,” I cried, “this stuff is my intuitive gift. My genius. My jewel. Not only CAN’T I teach it, I am not sure I WANT to teach it.”

    To which this Kiwi politely replied, “Get over yourself! Just do it.”

    Ok, maybe I didn’t remember that last part exactly, but the message stuck. My website is now ALL about education. I have many products and services I sell. And I give a lot away FREE.

    AND I still do my consulting. I would not say I have turned the corner yet. But I am darn close thanks to that initial encouragement (and The Treadmill and Protege and the Cave, and the tons of money I sent Down Under :-) — worth every penny Sean!)

    Love you man,

    Bill Metcalf
    Chicago, Illinois, USA

  88. says

    Sean: You’ve come a long way in 40 years.

    You’re bigger at least :-)

    Seriously, you’ve kept your mind open and inquisitive and helped others do the same. What could be a better gift to your fellow human beings?

    Happy Birthday to a real educator.


  89. says


    Have a great and happy day. I wish you the best considering you gave me your best when I was introduced to the Brain Audit and other materials you’ve produced over the past couple of years. Many happy returns

    Doug Burt
    West Vancouver, BC Canada

  90. says

    Happy Birthday Sean!

    It’s only been a month since joining The Cave and learning the Brain Audit system but my website is already starting to ignite some fires! I didn’t think it would happen that quickly. :-)

    I’m thrilled to see where this journey will take me. I know it’ll be fun and quite a learning process, as it has been so far.

    Thanks for being a part of my life.

    Be great and be well.

  91. says

    I actually sent this to Sean directly, but I thought I’d post it again. It was in response to his email on unifying themes and article on anchors.

    Dear Sean,

    You are right. You are so, so, right. I think “wow, he’s right” on a regular basis, but this time, I had to tell you: You are RIGHT.

    I was having a terrible time with the trailer and ad copy for my upcoming instructional video, but it all came together as soon as I found my anchor.

    Several people who pre-ordered the DVD have specifically commented on the analogy. Here’s my favorite:

    “As soon as I watched the trailer for the Improvisation Toolkit and heard you compare cramming too many movements into your mind to having an over crowded purse I knew this was the DVD for me. That is exactly what I do and you hit the nail right on the head with your analogy. ”

    Sorry, I can’t resist saying it one more time: YOU ARE RIGHT!!!

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