The Core Difference Between Winners and Losers

The Core Difference Between Winners and Losers

There are two kinds of people on the planet.

Those who make excuses.

And those who don’t.

The ones who make excuses don’t start that way

No one is ‘born talented’ at making excuses. But over the years they learn to get out of things. They learn how to blame the weather, their parents, their teachers, the system, the chewing gum—yeah, pretty much anything that can deflect the blame. And give them the excuse they need.

And then there are those who don’t

Or rather won’t.

We all have our difficulties and some days we feel like making excuses. And we start mumbling, but stop before the mumble pushes itself into a rumble. And we get the job done.

Amazingly all of us have similar capabilities. Similar capabilities to get stuff done

Or completely screw up our lives with excuses.

When you wake up in the morning you get to choose which route to take. As one wise person said: The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that smart people hate doing the same things that unsuccessful people hate doing—but successful people do it any way.

As you go on this journey, you get the chance to back out

To make excuses.

To blame the chewing gum.

Or not.

You have the choice.

You decide.


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  1. says

    Hey Sean,

    This is an awesome little post, I really liked it, thank you for sharing this! I actually found your site through my friend Sergio Felix, who also happens to be the first comment on this particular post, surprise 😉

    I used to make up crazy excuses why I couldn’t get things done, then something happened lately and I just started to take massive action upon many of the things I learnt in the past, but never really did anything about till now. That’s also how my site came about that I recently launched, and started this journey for real.

    Again thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!
    – Navid

  2. says

    Hi Sean,

    I totally agree with Sergio, this is a great message.

    I have always considered it Talkers vs. Doers. Doers (Winners) would rather just get it done than talk about it (Talkers, Losers, BSers).

    Besides, you’re really only making the excuses to yourself.

    Thanks man, – Steve

  3. says

    Hey Sean,

    Super short article but couldn’t be more straight to the point man, loved the message.

    Just to add a little bit, I used to be a professional excuse maker (or a loser lol) and I found out that it actually takes more energy to come up with excuses than to actually do the damn job!

    That was the “aha moment” for me. 😉


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