Free from Psychotactics: The $2500 Brain Alchemy Marketing Strategy Workshop


In the year 2007, I had a discussion with a client. It was about giving some of our courses away—yes, Psychotactics Course.

Without charge.

It sounds unusual: Why would someone just give valuable information away?

You and I know that “normal” people don’t do this kind of stuff. No one just gives away thousands of dollars worth of stuff without some sneaky up-sell, cross-sell or some kind of catch. To give away valuable information just like that, sounds weird at the very least.

But we’re not normal (our logo should give you enough hints).

My long-term goal is to create a university in New Zealand (Casa LocoLoco: The Mad House)

This university will be in place to help folks like you run their businesses. It will be a non-profit university. In the spirit of Casa LocoLoco, I am slowly going to make some Psychotactics products and workshops free. So as you can see this process is thoughtful; it’s methodical. And it’s designed on the fact that generosity helps us all.

And the Brain Alchemy Masterclass is just the beginning.

The only ‘catch’ if you want to call it that, is that you have to opt-in. This is for several reasons, but the main reasons are:

1) I only care about people who’ll take the trouble to opt-in.

2) Because it’s a three-day workshop, the digital file download will have to be managed, or if everyone downloads the material at once, it will crash our servers. So I have to send out notifications on different days/time of day.

Of course giving this free is not an easy task, because the whole thing needs project management to see that we don’t crash our server or do crazy things.

Anyway…that’s the the gist of things.

More details will follow next week— so look out for the email (or blog post as the case may be). In next week’s email, you’ll get a direct link (after you fill in a form).

This is just the announcement of what’s to come (yes, like a trailer to a movie :) )

Important Note

This workshop was given away in 2009, 2011, 2013  and we are giving it away again. If you’ve already heard/read it, it’s a good idea to experience it again. The questions remain the same but the answers change and you will experience the same information in a totally different light.

Warm regards,
P.S. If you already have The Brain Alchemy MasterClass and prefer not to receive follow up emails, go to this link and enter your details.  Opt-Out Form.


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  1. Kathy says

    If you were standing on a street corner, no matter what you were giving away, I would accept it. Looking forward eagerly to the next email =)

  2. R. Schwarz says

    looking forward to opting in!! Thanks so much Sean! I learn so much from your articles …I’m sure the course will be just as good.

  3. says

    Ever since I stumbled across Sean’s headline course about 4 years ago, I have been astounded at the what I can learn about reaching customers. I am hungry to learn more and grateful for the opportunity.

  4. Denise says

    Exciting news…. count me in and thanks for this generous opportunity. I always look forward to your emails and products.

  5. says

    Well what a great example of a “prosperity mindset”! We need people like you in positions of power Sean so you can start giving it away.

  6. Nick H says

    Psychotactics really helped our business, so I’m really looking forward to the 2015 Masterclass!

  7. says

    Thanks for this opportunity to learn–both from the class and from you modeling how to do business. My editorial business supports writers, and your example causes ideas of things to share with writers to flood into my mind. Well done and much appreciated.

  8. Simone says

    Great Idea! I love to be part of it! :-)
    I have read your book just some weeks ago and I really like what I have found there. So I am curious what is in here.
    Thanks a lot for your refreshing style.

  9. says

    Sean – What a brilliant idea to create a free university.

    Best of luck and looking forward to the masterclass.

    Thanks again, John

  10. Tom says

    “it’s a good idea to experience it again. The questions remain the same but the answers change”

    So, is this a new recording altogether? It’s not the same from 2013 then?

  11. says


    Your headline writing course was a game changer for me…and now that I’ve downloaded the website course there’s no one in the world (my wife included but please don’t tell her this) who I listen to more than you (:

    Thanks for all your great work…it’s making a difference to me and in turn my clients…Andrew

  12. says

    I’ve learned a lot from the tips on your site, and look forward to learning more.
    In the near future, I hope to be able to contribute to your endeavors, and be of service to your students with the game-changing technology we are developing. I’ll keep you posted. Rick Lehman

  13. Wayne says

    Happy New Year, and thank you for doing this.

    Just want to say I did this course with you a couple of years back it and completely and positively transformed the way I think about a business. I will never be the same again. In fact, I have come across others who are not as fortunate as I am to have done this course and felt the frustration of trying to work with people who (perfectly naturally of course) just could not see what I knew from your course – a fact which held everyone back. However, it was noted that I was a “smart cookie” (thanks Sean) and that attention led to a promotion 3 months into a new job (so much were they impressed with the ideas “I” was bringing to them). Everyone (who hasn’t already) needs to do this course if they care about:

    – growing their business (or charity for that matter) and it’s profits in a fair, sustainable, and value added fashion (you proved to me that there is such a thing as plenty of honest and kind buckaroos to be made out there without having to resort to diddling honest people out of their hard-earned dinero…)
    – looking properly at how a business generates money/sales and adding the crucial elements that most businesses are probably missing (I would guestimate that at least 80% of businesses make the same mistake(s) when it comes to building their stable of product and designing their business).
    – getting a promotion (an un-planned, and un-expected benefit of doing your course)
    – improving their working life (after this course you get more choosy about who you want to work with and that also helps progress immensely!)

    The world needs more Sean’s so I would encourage everybody who hasn’t yet to do this course.


  14. Colin says

    The stingy company I work for don’t have a clue what they are missing. If I get in on this they will be amazed at what comes next from me.

  15. judith says

    Hi, Sean….as a retired psychotherapist turned Life/Soul’s Destiny Coach, I think I would fit Casa LocoLoco just perfectly–;-)
    I sent a response last nite but don’t see if it got posted so, I’d love to be included in your Brain Alchemy wkshp….and I love the concept of your generous offerings! (Hope you have something for Lil’ Ol’ Ladies w great Eldership skills!)

  16. Don says

    Thanks Sean, looking forward to Brain Alchemy Master class. I got the Brain Audit a few weeks ago and have started implementing the material.

    Really Brain Bending stuff.

  17. Elaine says

    Sean, I hope you get as much joy out of doing things like this as those of us do who are the recipients of your generosity.

    Many thanks!

  18. Cornelis van Helden says

    Sean, I admire your ingenuity to find new ways to entice your “old”bcustomers into your web! Chapeau

  19. RA says


    The generosity within your vision will manifest a larger awakening – as has been said ‘if you build it they will come’.

    I appreciate the offer and accept your Brain Alchemy MasterClass.

  20. says

    I have the audit and have been following you for a couple of years. You bet I would like to take advantage of this offer. Thanks from the upper left corner of the USA.

    Jerry Fletcher
    Networking Ninja

  21. says

    I just love the name you have for the ‘university’. Crazy! More power to your keyboard.
    Looking forward to signing up for more useful & helpful info from you, Sean.

  22. John Carnegie says

    Looking forward to being an alumnus of Casa LocoLoco…as long as no sheep were hurt in the creation of the Casa LocoLoco ‘sheepskin!’


  23. Debra Rodrigues says

    I work on a not-for-profit and your business of being nice that underlies all your teaching really works well for our business. Enjoying putting in the feel good factor (after the ouch/problem factor) from both “Brain Audit” and and the ‘Applications’ on our communications. Please count in me on ‘Brain Alchemy’

  24. says

    Hi Sean,
    I’m not sure if I got this when you offered it in 2009, sometimes I get the Brain Alchemy and the Brain Audit mixed up, probably because they both have the word ‘Brain’ in the titles. Just in case I didn’t, I would LOVE to have this course from you. Your work is stellar and has helped me tremendously in my business.
    Thank you!

  25. Jon Hoy says

    Opt in please. All of the other materials I’ve gotten from you have been most excellent! Can’t wait to see this one.

  26. says

    Well Sean,
    You continue to surprise me with your generosity. Thank you! I also find my feelings of waiting until that ulterior motive raises it’s ugly head (most times) …a bit distressing. Society teaches caution in these matters, but in your case, you walk us through a process that eases that discomfort. I can’t wait to experience our next light bulb moment through your teaching. Thanks for being there.

    Please opt me in.

  27. Ken Pike says

    Thanks Sean – Yes please!
    I look forward to stepping into the river of knowledge again (:)- in a different place and as a different person to last time!

  28. Linda Secretan says

    I am unfailing surprised by what you send me every day.
    The Brain Audit was the beginning of a great journey.
    Ope in? Of course, if you’ll have me!

  29. John says

    Hi Sean! Pls count me in for the Brain Master Alchemy class. I’d like to opt in for this. Thank you for the opportunity with you!

  30. Brandon Wilcox says

    Hi Sean, I’d like to opt in too please. It’s unclear whether we opt in after receiving next week’s email or here now, so I’m not leaving anything to chance!

  31. says

    I wish to opt in.
    I wish to be part of the think tank.
    I’m a writer and shouldn’t be using ‘I’ so often.
    I teach, consult, work hard.
    Started an ISP, web design and hosting company in 1995; time to jump back in.
    New Zealand is one of 3 places I wnat to spend time
    That’s enough info.

    Thanks, Albert.

  32. says

    Thank you so much. I know it is gonna be good. Your idea “give the idea for free, sell the system” was already of a great help to me.

    I will be a dedicated student.

    Yves from Paris

  33. Rita says

    At present, we have just launched a ‘second career’ as online retailers…we hired a coaching team and are off to a good start. We are confident our learning curve has shortened tremendously. So we do value quality education and not reinventing wheels.

    Much appreciated Sean…opt me in!

  34. Oliver says

    Opening a uni? That IS a brilliant idea.Also, a Masterclass Home Study Course for free is quite an opprtunity. I am highly interested and looking forward to all the details.

  35. Simon says

    Hi Sean,

    Happy New Year. I have read and listened to your first giveaway in 2009 and would love to experience it again (in a totally different light, as you mentioned).


  36. Ln.M.B.Josephine says

    we are very grateful for everything- You are a genius and
    we will share what u teach us will as many as we can

  37. says

    We do the same give – away free as you Sean. Cheers to You
    and your team! Thank you for allowing me to receive your gift
    offering. I will pay it forward. Respectfully, Lori Henely

  38. Rob McLennan says

    You are the most unique Internet marketer I’ve come across.
    You create a unique business model to pattern ones-self by.

  39. says

    Hi Sean, To be honest, your free newsletter course has
    impressed me a lot and the moment I got my first Freebie(via A-List
    Blogging Bootcamps), I checked your website out and started saving
    for the course(I am not that big Entrepreneur as of now and don’t
    like to ask parents to spend money for my online ventures). I am so
    excited to hear the news. I want to opt in. Thanks for the great

  40. says

    The University is brilliant. I’m meeting with a mentor to open my nonprofit on Monday! Opt me in. I can use all the help I can get. Thanks, Sean!

  41. hcabbos says

    Sean, no need to comment with “opt me in” at this point, correct? Your email next week will provide a form that we can fill out. That’s how I understand it. Right?

  42. says

    Hi Sean, I have been following you and linking to your posts for quite a while. I like the free give away. Very rare these days. I am planning to take the same route and offer my Small Business Strategy Tips free too. So count me in for your workshop.

  43. says

    Hi Sean – I received the Brain Alchemy Master Class in
    2009. I have listened to it several times over – the most recent
    just a month ago. The material is simply marvelous. It is so well
    put together and delivered. Fantastic practical advice. Words can’t
    describe how it has helped me. So, I would love to hear the new
    edition. Thanks a million. P.S. The idea of a uni is terrific.

  44. Franc Karpo says

    Sean, I used to read tons of marketing/sales newsletters. I
    became overwhelmed. Now I am down to two… yours and
    Kennedy/Glazer’s print newsletter. Thank you for your outstanding
    materials and I look forward to the workshop! Franc

  45. Stew says

    Happy New Year Sean, Thanks for sending along the news
    about your plans for your “university”, and for allowing anybody
    opting in to get your marketing alchemy course for free. Of course
    I would like to optin and take advantage of this opportunity. I’m
    looking forward to cutting through the hype and learning more about
    Internet marketing. Thanks in advance, Stew

  46. Jorge Rendon says

    Sean, Hello my brother from another mother! You are a
    genius in your own time! I have praised and shared your article:
    ‘Why Santa’s Marketing Works Better Than Yours’ at my workplace. It
    made a huge impact and now several colleagues have been reading
    your articles here on Psychotactics. I welcome and thank you for
    your generosity! Please opt me in! Many blessings for the New Year!
    Thanking you I remain, Jorge Rendon

  47. Jeremy says

    Sean, this is a fantastic offer, but how do I take
    advantage of this ? Do I just leave you a reply like this or should
    I have clicked a button somewhere on this page ? Many thanks

  48. Amit says

    Wow ! This is quite an awesome offer ! I have just started
    up and would love to get world class marketing help from you

  49. says

    Thank you. I appreciate your efforts very much. I’ll let
    you know how my experience with implementing the material in your
    course goes. Cheers! -G

  50. says

    He Sean! Would you count me in? I’m new at this thing and
    simply love, love, love your cartoon antics and its representation.
    I’m creating content I’ve siply got to make sure it turns a

  51. says

    Dear Sean, your stuff is BRILLIANT! I am in the process of
    redoing my website (new version ready for launch at end of Jan) so
    you’re very welcome to peek now and then at end Jan have a
    TIME!!! Thank you. Please opt me in. I need your expertize. I have
    saved every e-mail you have ever sent me – and I really USE your
    info. Fabulous stuff and my new year resolution was one of your
    products. Hopefully I can make use of this offer and later find
    another product of yours to help me in my business. Thank you,
    thank you, thank you! Anne

  52. says

    Thanks so much Sean. I’m enjoying the article writing
    course and the brain audit. This sounds like a wonderful addition
    to the materials I already have from you. I’m looking forward to
    it! Thanks for all you do! Tom

  53. says

    I have taken 2 other courses of yours and they have been
    tremendous. To get this one, without cost, is over the top! Look
    forward to the announcement of where and how to sign up.

  54. says

    Wow Sean – amazing – thank you, I’m really looking forward
    to it. Your vision is awesome – it’s going to be a great 10 years
    realising your dreams

  55. says

    Hi Sean, I’m extremely grateful for your generosity! I’m a
    big fan of the renegades of the world and you certainly are one of
    them! At the risk of sounding naive, I seem to be less clear than
    everyone else about why giving your stuff away is the best thing to
    do. I run a fairly successful business so I’m not ignorant about
    this completely. I understand giving value karmically and also for
    the purposes of becoming the trusted resource, the authority. But
    you seem to be taking it “all the way”. How do you (and here’s the
    naive question) make money if you’re giving everything

  56. Tom Hoobyar says

    I’d love to take you up on your generous offer, Sean. Your
    generosity intrigues me, and I have become a fan. I’m moving from
    running a hardware mfg firm to online marketing and I appreciate
    all the input I can get. Tom Hoobyar

  57. says

    Great idea I just love this discovered site when is this
    going to happen its Jan 2011 and most of the comments are last year
    2010 Looking forward to everything you have to say, very

  58. says


    Sorry for the slow response. Just retrurned from my daughters wedding. Had only my Blackmberry with me so could not view/understand depth of the offer.

    So sign me up.

    Jerry Fletcher

  59. Ian says

    Well after reading the Brain Audit I felt embarressed that after 9 years of owning an on-line business I had the marketing so wrong. I now have a great thirst for your valuiable information and your email offering all this free content is just fantastic and what I need to keep improving my business. I’m so glad that I have found you and your great info!

    Thanks :-)

  60. Bradford says

    hi Sean, I keen to learn more.

    I used the tools you supplied in the WHY HEADLINES FAIL article to develop my newspaper advertising it worked with great success.
    So thank you again.

  61. says

    Very interested in getting in on this, I’ll be travelling on the weekend, I hope I don’t miss the window of opportunity.

    thanks in advance, considering the amount of amazing material you already put out for free, this is remarkably generous – but don’t let me talk you out of it!

  62. says


    Of course I’m interested! Anything done by you is top notch, I would be stupid or crazy to pass this up!

    The University sounds great….you are clearly a very Jupiterian person (I’m an astrologer so I say weird things like that).


  63. Ed Erickson says

    Hi Sean,

    I’d love to participate in the workshop!

    Please point me to your optin page.

    Thanks much.


  64. Patricia says

    I am looking forward to getting the information. I am finding my newsletters to be interesting and full of ideas. Opt me in for the free workshop!


  65. says


    Okay, youi have my interest and I would like to know more about yoir long term plans. I’ve used some of your ideas and they click into place nicelly with what I’ve learned over the years.

    I look forward to learning more!


  66. says

    Hi Sean,

    I would love to be able to participate in this fantastic opportunity. If there is any room left (I know this is going to be ultra popular!) please sign me up.

    The idea of a ‘real’ business university has a huge appeal and by helping people learn and do through the processes you outline, they walk away with a business instead of a certificate. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the progress on this project.

  67. says

    Hi Sean
    A great vision and a very generous offer, look forward to seeing the link and opting in.
    I have bought your The Brain Audit ebook and that was stacked full of very good information presented with no fluff

  68. Christopher says

    Sean…please forward me out the Opt-in list. Met you at System Seminar 2008. The lack of action taken on my part has likely cost me the life-style I desire. I look forward to keeping in touch.


  69. says

    Ever since I discovered your psychotactics newsletter I have been an avid reader. Please opt me in to this great opportunity to learn even more.

    I wish you all the best with your goals and I just know that with your determination, you will succeed.

  70. says

    Count me in too Sean – I’ll watch for your email.

    I know you mean it about free – but I’ll look for something meaningful to do for you too.

    Best wishes


  71. says

    Sean, Would love to hear more about this!
    I just discovered your site today, and got so engrossed in your blog that the tea nearly overcooked (pasta, since you ask!!)
    I told the kids it was worth it – some great info on the blog. I really appreciate that you walk your talk on giving away really good info. It’s refreshing to see some authentic marketing going on amongst all the ‘guru bling’ out there :-)
    Thanks – Tanya (UK)

  72. says

    I applaud you! You GOT already a student of yours here. I am very much appreciated for your generosity, your effort, but most importantly for your life lesson.

    Thank you!

  73. says

    I have enjoyed the articles you have sent me so far so I would like to sign up for this course. I need to know when it will be offered as soon as you get a date.

    My wife and visited New Zealand in 2006. Your country is breathtaking and the people we met were great. I hope we can return some day.


  74. says

    Sean, I’ve been following you for about a month now, got turned onto you by Mark Silver.

    Love what I’ve seen so far and would love to get the Brain Alchemy Master Class.

    I’ve been in this program with Mark and was hesitant about adding too much on my plate, but I am very interested to get further into your work.

  75. says

    Hey Sean,

    I would truly appreciate the opportunity to take your course – I’ve been reading your stuff and what I love is how you manage to sound so authoritative yet so grounded in common sense. I am seeking to start my own business which, naturally, will have a web component to it, in the coming months and from the synopsis and testimonials I read, this course really has a value of a million dollars for me! Anyway, I don’t know what your limit on participants is, but please include me if at all possible.



  76. says

    It’s all about trust, isn’t it? We’ve all grown somewhat numb, so numb that we don’t even know we’re numb to the roar of the crowd selling us what we didn’t even know we needed. Making us feel inadequate if we aren’t smart enough to get in the line forming to buy RIGHT NOW (or at least before midnight tonight). Thanks for standing out from the crowd, Sean. Very classy!

  77. says

    Gotta agree with some others here. Sean’s information is extremely valuable. Having purchased and implemented some of Sean’s courses in the past they are extremely refreshing and straight to the point! Any D’Souza content should be considered an asset to your business if properly implemented.

  78. says

    Your articles are great. Right now I’m in the middle of reading “Brain Audit” and I can’t say enough, EXCELLENT information.

    Thank you, and I’m looking forward to the Masterclass


  79. Peter Draper says

    Sean, thanks so much for the generous offer!

    Yes, please sign me up pronto and let me know when to download.

    CasaLoca sounds very cool!

    Thanks again!

  80. says

    Hi Sean,
    Gosh you’ve done it again. Bless you for sharing your amazing insights and innovations with the world.
    Please count me in and yup, I’m another one that can’t find the count me in button. duh?

    I’m thinking there might be just as much lesson in ‘how’ you deliver the course to help us consume, as there is in the course itself. I really, really look forward to sharing your information with my biz partner.

    I’m another one asking – do you want us to share this post with our lists? Mine are graphic design professionals and they all need it, some might actually take action and go for it.


  81. says

    Sounds awesome. I love the website and refer to it often. I keep saying I am going to make the time to take this course. This seems like a pretty good time! Thank you for the great offer. I am so curious about it. And looking forward…

  82. says

    For any new subscribers to Sean’s list who are wondering about whether to join the waiting list, here’s some advice:

    1) Join the list
    2) Get the free workshop
    3) Listen to it

    Do the steps. Implement the 3 prong system. Implement upsells. And you will increase your takeaway from your business.

    Also if you do a lot of consulting the switch to leverage will not only make you more money, it will free up your time too.

    The information in this workshop would be cheap at the original price. For free, it’s priceless.

    Get it.
    Absorb it.
    implement it.


  83. says

    Just found you today. Have spent thousands and not gotten what you have given me in one day. Looking forward to being part of your course. Sign-up me definitely. It is so refreshing to find someone who really walks the talk when it comes to giving back, not really even calling in that.

  84. says

    I like people like this who do these sorts of things. It says something about them. It says that they are more concerned with who they are and not just about what they can get out of life. Instead of focusing on “having” things they can then “be” somebody. It shows a strong connection to faith (usually). I look forward to the information if it isn’t too late.

  85. says

    We did this way back in October. And now we’re doing it again, because we’ve had lots of new subscribers since then, and it’s only fair they get a chance too. :)

  86. Simon says

    I meant to say “Thanks again for the KI ND offer” but then again, “the KING offer” suits just as well.


  87. Simon says

    Hi Sean,

    I have been reading your articles for the past few months and enjoy everyone of them. I just signed up for this amazing offer and am now on the waiting list. Can’t wait to download the materials.

    Thanks again for the king offer.

  88. Vikram says


    Just got on your waiting list for this workshop today. Just like one your testimonials says, yours is among only a couple marketing newsletters I bother opening and reading.

    Also, you are the only one who comes across as 100% genuine and trustworthy in your approach and intention. This generous offer only further cements my belief.

    Live long and prosper, my friend :)

    Thank you,


  89. says

    Congratulations on your brilliant idea. I hope we can join forces in the future and bring you in to the Spirit Bank Exchange that I’m in the process of creating.
    I applaud your vision wholeheartedly!
    Go, Sean,


  90. says

    I learn something from you every time I read your materials and ideas. You provide a great service that I appreciate.

    I can’t wait to find out more about your generous offer.

    All the best to you.

    Paul Flood

  91. says

    A non-profit university? What a compelling goal, Sean.

    What an intriguing offer. No fine print. No strings. No gimmicks. That’s hard to believe.

    I’m curious to see how many participants will invest time to learn from the workshop and then act on what they learn.

  92. says

    @Sandra Lee: There is no additional payment. This is completely free. If at all the payment is to “pay forward”. Help someone else who needs your help.

    @ Richard: Yes, giving away may increase printed copy sales, but in this case there is no printed copy. The actual product costs $2500 (compared with a printed book that may cost $20 and so it makes sense to buy the book as it were). So there is no “add on” stuff to be sold, or no real hidden gimmick, either overt or covert. :)

  93. Richard says

    Sign me up. I’ve seen several good examples over the years of how giving away a book on the net can lead to more printed copy sales.

  94. says

    Hi Sean, Thank-you very much for your quick answer to the email I sent yesterday. You’re absolutely right about the fear and procrastination and I would add overly cautious to that. I have made a committment to build a website and have phoned someone who is willing tol help me with it. I do notice when I hear “it’s easy” I react with uh oh they’re going to think I’m incompetent, stupid etc. so I’m going to move beyond that and know that I am capable and accept the learning curve. That said I am very interested in the offer you have presented and would like to know more about what it involved, when, extra cost, if so is there is a payment schedule. hmmm, maybe I’ll just wait and see what comes next…take care, Lee.

  95. Kevin says

    Sean, your work has helped me in business in so many ways. Look forward to the new help you are so generously offering.

  96. says

    Well, this might be the most generous offer I’ve heard of! Can’t wait to see how it all plays out, and yes, I’m interested!

    I visited NZ several years back (worked in several of your gorgeous cities), and just loved it! I do wish you weren’t quite so far away (I’m from the Boston, Mass. area) because I’d love to return and really see more of the country.

  97. says

    Hey there Sean- I am a recent member of your group, and increasingly excited by each one of your posts. Many people seem to offer their ideas ultimately for their own benefit, but your intention to keep refining yours to both benefit yourself and others is clear. Great model to have out there. I am in for this one too, and looking forward to it! Thanks – Tory

  98. says

    Quite intrigued with the idea that Free needs a strategy. Think I’ve been doing that intuitively. May be time to make the intuition explicit. Like with flow charts or something.

    Can’t wait to opt in to this amazing offer, and also looking forward to Casa LocoLoco.

    Muchas Gracias.

    • says

      @Deah: Anything that’s valuable needs a strategy. If things are just given away, then there’s no real strategy involved. But if you want to create value, and more importantly, consumption—then you have to have a strategy. In fact, giving away something is often harder than selling it, especially if it’s a higher priced item. And of course, there’s consumption. It will end up being a 36 audio/200 page set of notes. Think of how much work it would be to get someone to consume that lot :)

  99. says

    By the way, I adore the name you’ve given it. Casa Loco Loco.

    In my neck of the woods where I grew up,(Havana, Cuba) there literaly was a “medical facility” called Casa de Los Locos, and it was a real asylum for the mentally insane! So I say, a little Loco Loco, averts permanent insanity:)

  100. says

    Only issue I have with “engineered anticipation” is my frustration over the fact your email says “there is a waiting list” — which I’m unable to find and all the text here suggests is not really available yet.

    What I tell my clients is that, as you bring them in for the AROMA of the flower, you want to catch any “thorns” that might leave them with something LESS than a wonderful experience. That’s it, Sean, right now.


  101. says

    I LOVE what you’re doing Sean, this is simply brilliant, and benefits so many peoiple way beyond the scope of a mere 5 year-vision.

    So, where do I sign up?

    Big Kudos for doing this!


  102. Heidi says

    Dear Sean, I thoroughly enjoy your style of writing; it makes me want to read more. Thank you for your intelligence and insight. I am really looking forward to participating in your course and providing feedback and assistance wherever required. Thanks Sean – Go Kiwi Country!

  103. David Craft says

    Can’t wait to sign up! I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve whether it fits “traditional” methods or not. You miss so much when you narrow your vision. Like throwing the food in the pan to soon cause you’re hungry right now means that while you’re eating, you miss being able to savor the subtleties that created your hunger for that dish to begin with.

    Besides, anticipation makes the taste all the sweeter when you know if you just follow a few simple steps, satisfying all your hunger and not just the empty spot in your stomach. But the ones in your taste buds, your mind and your dreams may take a little extra time but be worth every tasty second as you savor your feast.

  104. Dave Weatherford says

    I’m in! I look forward to learning more. The Title of the program “Brain Alchemy” is what hooked me!

  105. says

    Interesting, Sean. I’m intrigued with the idea of consumption here as you’ve put it.

    When we eat food, we consume it. Then our bodies digest it, absorb it, eliminate some of it, and convert the rest of it into energy and fuel for the body.

    Thinking about how people, in general, parallel that in the learning process … or how they don’t.

    Some people consume the information. They digest it (thinking about it), absorb it (accept it into their realm of what is real and add it into their life view mix), eliminate (what doesn’t make sense or work for them); and then the new knowledge adds fuel to their life.

    Then there are those who attend but somehow the information either doesn’t get consumed or it does but somehow the process of digestion and absorption gets bipassed. Almost like Teflon learning … it all slides away.

    Interesting. Thanks for allowing me to think out loud about that AND I’ll be even more eager now to see what you’ve got up your sleeve.

  106. says


    Many people don’t put information into action. One of my big goals (and a book I’m writing) is about ‘consumption’. So you can be sure, Zita, that I’ll be working on the consumption model.

    Everything has a factor of attraction, conversion and consumption.

    This as you can tell is ‘attraction’ (not to be confused with conversion).

  107. says

    Is this just for the people on your mailing list (like me) or are you looking for us to share this with our lists?

    I’m happy to help either way. I am planning to create a business training resource in Bellevue, WA for entrepreneurs and I’m loving this model that you are creating. More so, I’m enjoying watching what you do to create interest AND value.

    Over the years, I’ve watched people spend plenty of
    $$$ attending workshops, seminars, and classes and most of them do not put what they’ve learned into play. My goal in teaching workshops and classes is to sufficiently motivate people to also get busy implementing what they’ve learned.

    I’m excited to see what you do next!

  108. says

    I own a bookkeeping business and put together a model of how to give away the basic service for free using some of the concepts Chris Anderson outlines in his book.

    I’m stepping on the path to make it happen and we’ll see what happens.

    • says

      @ Frances: There’s a slight difference between giving FREE. And actually organising it in a way that the person receiving it knows the value—and hence consumes it. I think FREE per se has no value. Value needs to be created.

  109. Michael says

    I look forward to hopefully being one of the lucky one’s to receive your generosity and look forward to the journey!

    • says

      @Michael: There’s no luck involved in this one. Well, perhaps there is. You’re lucky you subscribed to the Psychotactics newsletter or else you wouldn’t have heard of this. But there’s no luck involved in getting this FREE workshop. None at all. You’ll see for yourself.

  110. Michael says

    I look forward to hopefully being one of the lucky one’s to receive your generosity. I’m very excited about the journey!

  111. says

    Interesting. As a healthcare practitioner I often think about how I can both give away what I do and make sure I have my daily bread. You have indeed piqued my curiosity as I wonder about the application in my own field. I very much look forward to having my eyes opened to new possibilities.

    • says

      @Michael: Yes, we’re all concerned about our daily bread, but there’s a lot we can still give away. Over the years, we’ve learned that giving away free and making sure that FREE is consumed, are two completely different things. We’ve done hundreds of newsletters, had year long (or more) free workshops in Auckland etc. We’ve been giving away free both online and offline for at least 7 years at this point, and I think we’ve worked out that even FREE needs to be valued—and if it needs to be valued, it needs a strategy. FREE has to be treated more carefully than a “paid” product or service.

  112. dains says

    I’d like to opt in, but I don’t see a button? Hopefully either this comment will work or a button will show up at some point :)

    Looking forward to this! I’ve been following Psychotactics but am unwilling to commit to the Brain Audit as I’m in the “business development” stage and that’s not in the budget at this time. A free “lite” version is definitely something I can commit to though, and I won’t have to change a single number on the spreadsheet – bonus!

    • says

      This is not a “lite version”.
      There’s nothing lite about this.

      Ok, I said it two ways, but I wanted to stress the point.

      In fact there’s more going into this than the original version that clients paid for.
      The entire process (and believe me there was a process that about 50 clients volunteered for) took a lot of work. And there’s still more to be done. We’re not treating this like a free product at all. In fact you’ll not only get the product, but also follow up classes and specific information, as if you “bought” a super-duper-premium version of the product.

      This is the complete opposite of “lite”. It’s the super-duper-premium :)
      How’s that for a reversal?

  113. says

    I’m in complete agony just waiting for the next message. And truly looking to implement many of your successful ideas into my business.

  114. says

    Psychotactics is one of the few emails in my jammed mailbox that I look forward to opening. Every single post you write is incredibly useful.

    A giveaway of your Masterclass is very generous.

    Thanks, Sean.

  115. says

    Why the tease? Why not ‘give it to me now?’ The next email may get buried so deep in emergencies, et al., I could miss it!!!

    Unless, your strategy is that I keep looking for it … anticipatory neurons popping? Keep thinking about you and psychotactics? Can’t get you out of my mind? FREE takes the place of chocolate?

    Why the tease, Sean?
    And what does ‘opt in’ mean? Exactly?

    Janice Taylor

  116. says

    “…this is something that someone can use no matter where they live…” and I guess no matter what they do.

    I thoroughly expect that this is as useful as I think everything else you do is. Mainly because I think you manage to tap into the fundamentals which may get very complex, while staying utterly simplistic at the same time.

    Looking forward to this. Can’t afford the workshops even by 2020 the way things are going at present.

  117. Toni Hannaway says

    Hi SEAN

    I agree – its so generous. Another guy in similar vein springs to mind – Gary Craig who promotes Emotional Freedom Technique. With the 2 of you doing your stuff, the world is sure going to be a great place to dwell!



  118. says

    Hi Sean,
    I’ve been a big fan of yours for years, as is anyone that I’ve introduced your Website to. As someone who teaches marketing, as well as helps small Czech companies to improve their marketing, I’m sure that I’ll benefit greatly from your course.

  119. Peter says

    Great Concept Sean.

    We’ve been talking about a similar idea for our business area. We look forward to learning from you in the endeavour.

    All the best!

  120. mw6wro51 says

    I love this !!
    All psychotactics courses free by year 2020. I can’t wait that long. you see I am very very impatient.

    Coulld you prepone that by a few years 11 years to be precise!

  121. says

    Hi Sean,
    Thanks a lot for your offer. Am sure it would be of great help. And the fact that its free? WOOW.
    Been doing a little study on what i would like to call “the Economics of the Free” and came across reviews of a book titled “Free” by Chris Anderson (remember “The Long Tail”) which mooted that free is the way of the future.
    I would like to congratulate you on your foresight.
    Good luck.

    P.S – Thank you so much for your newsletters. I have been receiving them for about 2 years now and they have been very helpful

  122. says

    You’re amazing.
    I just want to say to everyone I am a part of Casa LocoLoco!

    I’ve been reading your stuff for years Sean and I look forward to more.

  123. Phil de Fontenay says

    Hi Sean,

    Your university idea sounds very cool!

    I am originally from NZ and now living in Taiwan. They sure need help with their businesses here :)

    I look forward to seeing your dream materialize.

    Can’t wait to do the workshop



    • says

      @Phil: Yes, I’m sure they do. Welllll…this is something that someone can use no matter where they live. So it’s a good start even if you don’t live in NZ. The link to the Waiting list will be posted in a few days. Watch your email for the announcement.

    • says

      @Allen: Yes it does, but it’s pretty straightforward. It’s great stuff. And it’s free. You’ll find out shortly when I make the next announcement in a few days, as to where you can sign up and get on the Waiting List.


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