$2500 Free Workshop: How To (Finally) Get On The List


Last week we announced about the $2500 Brain Alchemy Masterclass Workshop
we were giving away. And you were promised that you’d get a follow up email.

Well, tah…dah…here’s the follow up email.

And the link to read more details and get on the list is at:




Have fun :)
Warm regards,

P.S. It’s free. But only for the next seven weeks. And there is a waiting list.

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  1. says


    I’m really excited by this chance to study some of your tactics and insight in a more in-depth way. I’ve also sent out an email to some of my smaller business clients who I believe will benefit. I’ve finally ordered your book from Amazon as well (might as well study them together, right?).

    Thanks. Your vision is similar to my vision for Africa. More power to you.

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