Why Objections Play A Big Role In Sales Conversion

We hate it when customers object. We’d prefer if they simply bought our products and services. Yet objections are a critical indicator of sales and marketing. Without objections you’d never know if the customer is interested or not. And without objections you’d never know how to improve your products and services (you improve them, don’t you?). And here are two videos on why objections are so very critical to improve your conversion rate.

Why Objections Are Crucial For Conversion

Why Anticipating Objections Is Pretty Darned Important

So what has been your reaction to objections? Do you like them? Hate them? How do you deal with a pretty in-your-face objection from a client?

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  1. says

    Good points, Sean. Using objectives to improve your message is better than becoming defensive or taking the comments personally. I’m going to have to remember that!

  2. says

    it’s true, all the deals I end up closing have sales processes full of objections. when the client just sits there and agrees with everything i say it concerns me. objections are definitely a good thing!

  3. says

    Oh even unqualified clients can come up with some pretty good holes in your sales message. They’re just objecting. And often they can bring up things you’ve never considered.

  4. says

    All a LEGITIMATE Objection is, is the client asking for more information or a clarification.

    Of course that depends on whether or not the client/potential client is qualified (has the ability, and desire) to buy.

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